How To: Sign Up & Unsubscribe to Apple News' Hidden Daily Newsletter

Sign Up & Unsubscribe to Apple News' Hidden Daily Newsletter

While the App Store is filled with news aggregators, Apple News is a solid choice when it comes to keeping up with current events. Apple recently made it easier than ever to stay informed, thanks to a daily newsletter sent straight to your inbox. The problem? It's unclear how to sign up for this newsletter, and it's equally unclear how to unsubscribe.

This isn't the first time Apple has offered us email blasts containing Apple News reports. In the past, these updates used to be much less frequent, as anyone who received "Five Stories for the Weekend" will remember. If you're confused as to why you have this Apple News newsletter without signing up for it first, it's likely Apple rolled you into a subscription if you were following one of its past newsletters.

Whether you want to subscribe or unsubscribe to Apple News' daily newsletter, you'll need to follow these same instructions. First, head to or Sign in to your Apple ID, and follow any authentication measures that may appear.

When you gain access to your account, scroll down to "Messages from Apple." If viewing the mobile version on an iPhone, tap to expand it. On desktop, it's already expanded. Now, just ensure the toggle next to "Apple News Updates" is enabled to subscribe to the newsletter — or disabled to unsubscribe.

Alternatively, on iOS, you can select either your profile icon in the Music or App Store app, your Apple ID at the bottom of the iTunes Store, or your Apple ID in the "iTunes & App Store" settings. Next, tap "View Apple ID," then "Manage" under iTunes Newsletters and Special Offers to gain access to the same options above.

At the time of this article, the newsletter does feature an unsubscribe link, but it hasn't worked for us. Opening the link results in a webpage that loads for a long time, before resulting in a 404 error. We expect Apple is working on a fix for this issue, so that will eventually be the easiest way to unsubscribe.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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