How To: Use the Samsung Galaxy S4's New Smart Pause Feature for YouTube on Your iPhone

Use the Samsung Galaxy S4's New Smart Pause Feature for YouTube on Your iPhone

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has already received a ton of hype, as it follows one of the most successful Android phones ever—the Galaxy S3. While the phone isn't set to be available for a least another month, it does boast some pretty awesome features.

Some of those sweet features you can already get for your Samsung Galaxy S3, like S Translator and S Voice, but what if you have an iPhone? Just because Samsung and Apple are constantly in patent wars doesn't mean you have to miss out on sweet features the GS4 has to offer.

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Thanks to a free app called LookAway Player, one such Samsung-like feature you can snag for your iPhone is Smart Pause, which uses eye-tracking tech to pause a video when you look away from your device.

The only difference is that LookAway works just for YouTube, but that's still pretty sweet if you ask me.

When you first open the app, it will walk you through a brief guide of the basic features. Once the guide is complete, you can go to Trending or just Search to find YouTube videos and test the application out.

For me, I had pretty good success when it came to looking away from my screen and having the video pause. But when it came to shushing the video (i.e. holding my finger to my mouth and having the video mute), the success rate was about 1 in 10.

However, most people in the comments section said it was actually pretty reliable (4½ stars so far), so it could be my poor lighting or super sexy face.

LookAway Player requires iOS 5 or higher and is compatible with the iPhone 4S and 5, 2nd generation iPads and higher, and the iPod touch 4th gen and higher. Compatibility for the iPhone 4 is slated to come out within the next few updates.

Try it out for yourself and let us know how you like in the comments section.

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