How To: This Hidden Twitter Feature Makes It So Much Easier to Share Tweets from Your iPhone

This Hidden Twitter Feature Makes It So Much Easier to Share Tweets from Your iPhone

If you're someone who shares a lot of tweets outside of Twitter, you know the struggle. Twitter's share button, like YouTube's, is proprietary, which means you need to wade through Twitter's own sharing options to find your iPhone's regular Share sheet instead. However, there's a hidden trick that lets you open the stock iOS sharing options right away.

The key? Just long-press Twitter's share button instead of tapping it. That's it! After holding down the button for about one second, Twitter will pull up the familiar Share sheet, featuring all of the apps and services you might want to share the tweet to. Unfortunately, this trick only works on iOS at this time, so Android users will still need to go the "long" way around.

The long-press shortcut (left) vs. the longer tap way (right).

Long-press gestures are a staple for iOS. They allow developers to add extra features in apps and services, whether to edit something, expand a feature, or give you speedy access to a tool. For instance, in Facebook, you can long-press tabs in its navigation bar to remove them or manage notifications.

You see long-press gestures all across iOS, from editing widgets to viewing quick actions, and it's even there for sharing screenshot faster.

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Cover image and GIFs by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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