News: Today Is World Emoji Day & Apple's Giving Us All Gifts to Celebrate

Today Is World Emoji Day & Apple's Giving Us All Gifts to Celebrate

As we all know, and certainly have marked on our calendars, it's World Emoji Day! Considering that over five billion emojis are sent daily on Facebook Messenger alone, emojis deserve to be celebrated, and Apple's doing just that. On this monumentous day, the tech giant is gifting us all with images of its newest emojis. From dinosaurs to headscarf-clad women, the releases are sure to please emoji fanatics throughout the world.

World Emoji Day was created by Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge. The idea for the day was inspired by his love for these infamous pictograms and Apple's calendar emoji that perpetually displays a date of July 17. Although you'd think people would celebrate World Emoji Day considering the images' popularity, it hasn't historically been a major event. In fact, this is the first year Apple has paid it any attention, but its recent announcement is so exciting that it makes up for that.

In a press release from Apple today, the company revealed 12 new emojis coming to its devices with iOS 11. Some of the new emojis are fairly predictable, such as a zebra and a bearded man, but the majority of them are actually pretty surprising.

Images via Apple

For example, Apple device users can now send pictograms of a breastfeeding woman, a zombie, and a vomiting smiley. While these aren't emojis I have ever found myself wishing for, I'm happy to now have them at my disposal.

In an interview with The Guardian, Burge shared that he is delighted that Apple is finally recognizing this holiday and is eagerly anticipating Apple's next emoji releases. He hinted at what emojis we can look forward to being released next.

Emojipedia requests show a redhead emoji dominating requests for future additions. Redhead is now a candidate for 2018, as well as curly hair and a bald headed person. There's been a lot of demand for a 'hand heart' emoji, which looks like two hands making a heart shaped gesture.

It's smart that Apple continues to release emojis that appeal to everyone and entice more people to adopt this form of visual communication, but I personally don't anticipate using any of them very often ... Well, maybe there's one new emoji I'm excited about now that winter is here. With the return of Game of Thrones and my die-hard love for Daenerys Targaryen, I'm sure I'll get some use out of that elf emoji with similar golden locks.

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