How To: Add the Secret 'Vulcan Salute' Emoji to Your iPhone

Add the Secret 'Vulcan Salute' Emoji to Your iPhone

If you're a Trekkie, you might be surprised to find that Spock's popular Vulcan salute can actually be used as an emoji on your iPhone. With the public release of iOS 8.3, you'll now have updated unicode for more diverse emojis.

Strangely, Apple added support for the Spock emoji, but didn't include it in the keyboard itself. But with a little simple trickery, you can add the Vulcan salute emoji as a keyboard shortcut on iOS 8.3.

Use Safari (it may not appear on Chrome) to open this tweet from Cult of Mac and copy the Vulcan salute emoji. Now, head over to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts on your device and create a shortcut for the emoji.

Note: The emoji will only appear if you're running iOS 8.3. If you or the recipient is running an older version of iOS, then it'll probably look like an alien head in a box.

Once the shortcut is saved, enter it from your keyboard and Spock's Vulcan salute emoji will appear.

While I'm not a huge Star Trek fan, this find is nonetheless a neat addition to the rest of my new and diverse emojis. Now let's just hope for some Star Wars love as well.

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