News: Sketchy Chinese App Store Removed from Evad3rs iOS 7 Jailbreak

Sketchy Chinese App Store Removed from Evad3rs iOS 7 Jailbreak

The internet was ablaze this week after it was found out that evasi0n's newest jailbreak for iOS 7 secretly came bundled with a highly obfuscated Chinese app store. The application, called Taig, was filled with pirated software and was rumored to have permissions capable of tracking your information and sending it elsewhere.

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It was reported that the team at evad3rs financially benefited from this move, netting them a very high six-figure number close to a million dollars. The controversy increased when Cydia creator fired off several tweets mentioning how evad3rs didn't ask him for an official build for Cydia and how he warned them that Taig was a sketchy application.

In response to the backlash stemming from all the backlash, evad3rs then released a letter stating that they did indeed benefit financially from bundling Taig in their jailbreak, but that their intention was never to force a shady application full of pirated software among users.

Now, the evad3rs have released a second letter, stating that they have decided to completely get rid of Taig from their jailbreak. They mention that they did indeed fuck up on this, but that there were no security breaches and no user data was obtained by Taig.

The evasi0n team also mentions that they in fact didn't take money from the Chinese company, and that their donations have all been given away to technology-based foundations—but who knows how much of this is true.

You can check out our iOS 7 iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch jailbreak, which comes with the newest newest evasi0n jailbreak, no longer containing Taig.

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While this is good news, this version of the jailbreak doesn't contain an updated version of Cydia, so who knows how much of the Cydia app store will work. Evad3rs are currently working on fixing this issue.

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