How To: Play Marvel Battle Lines to Unleash Spider Man & Other Heroes on Your iPhone Right Now

Play Marvel Battle Lines to Unleash Spider Man & Other Heroes on Your iPhone Right Now

Marvel has solidified itself as the dominant superhero franchise with the release of Avengers: Infinity War, and it's now dipping its toes into the world of mobile card-based strategy games with the soft launch of Marvel Battle Lines in select countries ahead of a worldwide release. If you'd like to install this game right now and get a head start on your fellow gamers stateside, there's a workaround.

Marvel Battle Lines is an action-packed PvP card game that will have you pick heroes from your deck to form lines and unleash havoc on your opponents. In addition to a solo campaign mode, the game also features RPG elements like level-ups that reward you with goodies such as powerful perk cards, not to mention new heroes and villains to add to your deck like Iron Man, the Hulk, Thanos, and more.

Marvel Battle Lines is currently being fine-tuned before it lands on our shores. Because of this, you technically can't play the game if you live outside of the select Asian countries the game soft launched in. But if you're unable to wait, read on below to learn how to bypass the region lock and play this game right now.

Download & Install Marvel Battle Lines

Marvel Battle Lines will work on any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS 9 or higher, though it's recommended that you at least have an iPhone 6S or equivalent for optimal gameplay. As the game is only available in the iOS App Stores for select Asian countries, you'll need to create an Apple ID that's based in one of those countries in order to install the game.

We'll spoof the Philippines, since a majority of games get soft launched in that region. So create an App Store account based in that country by signing up using a valid email account and a realistic home address in the Philippines. Sign in once you're done, and you'll be taken to the Philippine App Store. Be sure to head to the guide below if you'd like to learn more about this process.

Once you've set up a Philippines-based App Store account, the rest of the process will work just the same as installing any other game. So head to the App Store and search for Marvel Battle Lines to get it installed, or tap the following link from your iOS device.

Please note that as a soft launched game, Marvel Battle Lines is still technically in development, so you may encounter minor bugs while playing the game. In our testing, however, the game ran perfectly fine when we played it on an iPhone SE, and iPhone 8, and iPad Pro that were all running on iOS 11.2.1. How is Marvel Battle Lines working on your device? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Cover image and screenshots courtesy of Amboy Manalo/Gadget Hacks

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