How To: Get Your FIFA Fix & Play Kings of Soccer on Your iPhone Right Now

Get Your FIFA Fix & Play Kings of Soccer on Your iPhone Right Now

Kings of Soccer recently soft launched in the Netherlands and a few other countries, garnering positive reviews from the mobile gamers who've experienced it. With the 2018 FIFA World Cup now in full swing, we wanted to let you in on a little secret: You can play Kings of Soccer right now ahead of everyone else, regardless of where you live.

Kings of Soccer will have you assemble a football team consisting of your favorite soccer stars — from Cristiano Ronaldo to Lionel Messi — and take on other players from across the world to showcase your skills. Featuring excellent graphics, intuitive controls, and audio that makes you feel like you're in a stadium packed with passionate fans, the game is sure to provide hours of fun while on the go.

The game also gives you the freedom manage your team and level up your superstars to help get that extra edge over your opponents and ensure back-to-back victories. So if you'd like to give Kings of Soccer try now to show off to your soccer friends, just follow the instructions below.

Download & Install Kings of Soccer

To play Kings of Soccer, your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch will need to be running iOS 9 or higher. Apart from that, you'll also need to bypass the App Store's region restrictions in order to download the game in the US. To do so, create a new Apple ID using a realistic home address based in the Netherlands.

After creating a Dutch Apple ID, just sign in using your new spoof account on your iPhone, which will then automatically transfer you to the Dutch App Store, where the game is officially available. For a more detailed guide on this subject, tap on the link below to learn more.

With the Dutch App Store now at your fingertips, you're now free to install Kings of Soccer as you usually would. So head to the App Store and search for Kings of Soccer and download it, or tap the following link from your iOS device.

Kings of Soccer is technically not a finished product, so you may encounter minor issues while playing. But we tested the game on an iPhone SE and an iPad Pro, both running iOS 11.2.1, and found that it ran perfectly fine. Are you enjoying this game? As always, be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Cover image and screenshots by Amboy Manalo/Gadget Hacks

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