Apple Watch 101

How To: Use Siri on Your Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, it's easier than ever to ask Siri for directions, send a quick text, or locate the nearest Chipotle—because you don't need to pull out your iPhone anymore. Luckily, Apple made it fairly painless to get Siri up and running on the Watch, so let's go over the two quick activation methods.

How To: Add & Delete 'Friends' on Your Apple Watch

Accessing and getting in touch with your favorite contacts has never been easier thanks to the "Friends" feature on the Apple Watch. However, this only applies to users who are running watchOS 2.2.2 and lower. When Apple issued watchOS 3, the "Friends" option was completely removed. So if you're running watchOS 3 or higher, you won't be able to follow these instructions.

How To: Use the Apple Watch as a Remote Shutter for Your iPhone's Camera

There's a built-in timer feature on the iPhone's Camera app that helps you set up your device, step back, and take a photo before time runs out. This feature is useful when there isn't another person around to take a photo of you, or when you don't want to be missing from a memorable group picture. Unfortunately, timers don't always work well. With a timer, no one can sit behind your iPhone to see if the picture is perfectly focused and framed, but that's where your Apple Watch comes in.