Forum Thread: How Do I Edit/Delete Calendar Events on the New OS7?

I can see the new calendar but cannot find and edit or delete button to change anything on it.

My co-worker cannot find out how to edit or delete events on her calendar after the update. She is very frustrated.

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In the Calendar app, click on the Event you want to view to bring up the "Event Details" page. From here, you can click on "Edit" in the top right-hand corner to edit and delete (at the bottom) the event.

If it's an Event from a shared calendar, you might not have access to edit or delete it. Also, you cannot edit or delete Facebook events or holidays, though you can hide them in your subscribe Calendars.

And If I want to Delete a Entourage event how I do it?.

It appears in my Iphone 5S, but I want know were I need to go to delete or modify some Entoure events. I even don have Entourage in my Macbook, I only have Imail, Icalender and Microsoft Mac 2011, but this one have its Outlook. What do I need to do?!!!

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