Forum Thread: How to Block Photo Scrolling with 'Peeki'

Peeki is the first app to provide a solution to an awkward moment we face when showing photos on our mobile device.

Consider this scenario. You let your friend view a photo from your image gallery but they begin scrolling over the rest of your personal photos. This can be embarrassing!

No More Awkward Moments When Sharing Your Photos with Friends and the Ability to Customise Viewings in Seconds

Upon launching the app Peeki will upload all the photos on your device onto the selection screen.

Simply select the photos you want to view and press play. When you scroll to the last image in the selection scrolling blocks, stopping anyone from viewing anymore photos in your gallery.

If you want to go back to the selection screen simply press 'Done' and you will be presented with a passcode.

Peeki also has the option from blocking photos from appearing on the selection screen.

Simply select 'Block' and select the photos, the selected photos will now remain blocked until you wish to unblock them.

Featuring a unique way to create and share a photo slide show in seconds.

Key Features:

  • Block and hide photos
  • Unique block photo scrolling
  • Pinch to 'zoom and tilt'
  • Navigate multiple folders with ease
  • Quick-view photos and images from numerous locations
  • Collate mobile images into one screen for easy selection
  • Personalise a customised gallery in seconds
  • Create unlimited gallery slide show combinations
  • Protect with key code password

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