How To: Remove Annoying Contact Suggestions in Your iOS Share Sheet Completely or Temporarily

Remove Annoying Contact Suggestions in Your iOS Share Sheet Completely or Temporarily

Apple has always strived to make the share sheet in iOS as useful a tool as possible. It has action extensions, share extensions, shortcuts, activities, and Siri suggestions, and you can even customize the order of the buttons to a certain degree. One thing you couldn't change was Siri's suggested contacts at the top. If you've always hated seeing those bubbles, iOS 14 has a way to get rid of them.

Suggested contacts appear as circles in the row above the share extensions, and they're shortcuts for sharing directly to contacts you frequently communicate with over AirDrop, Mail, Messages, Messenger, etc. They're great if you need them, but they also clutter the share sheet and show who you've been talking to or sharing media and other content with.

In iOS 13, if you didn't like the way they looked or didn't want people over your shoulder to see those suggested contacts, you didn't have many options. You could delete conversations in Messages, delete entire contacts, and turn off AirDrop, but those were horrible workarounds since they disturb other areas of iOS.

Apple fixed the issue starting in iOS 14.0 when it silently rolled out controls for Siri suggestions when sharing. The controls make the inconvenient methods of the past obsolete since you can now tinker with the suggestions directly on your iPhone.

Option 1: Remove All Contact Suggestions in the Share Sheet

To eliminate all suggested contacts in the share sheet, Apple baked in a kill-all switch. Simply open Settings, tap "Siri & Search," then toggle off the "Suggestions when Sharing" switch. The next time you load up an activity view, the entire row where your suggested contacts were will be gone.

Option 2: Remove Suggestions Individually in the Share Sheet

If you like having suggested contacts but want to remove individual contacts from the list, there's an easy way to do so. Just long-press on the contact you want to remove, then select "Suggest Less" on the pop-up window. That contact will then disappear, just as you want it to, and should not appear as often as before.

To be clear, "Suggest Less" isn't quite the same as "deleting" contacts from the suggestions row. What you're doing is telling iOS that you want to see this contact appear less. Theoretically, if it's a contact you don't message frequently, iOS should keep it from appearing in activity views. However, don't be surprised to see it again if you recently messaged that person.

That means that it's also not a good method for removing all contacts from the suggestions menu. If you tap "Suggest Less" on every contact in this row, eventually, they'll all be gone. However, the next time you share something in iOS, a new row of suggested contacts may appear. To clear them all forever, use Option 1 above instead.

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