How To: Add More Domain Extensions to Your iPhone's Keyboard Shortcut to Type Email Addresses or Website URLs Faster

Add More Domain Extensions to Your iPhone's Keyboard Shortcut to Type Email Addresses or Website URLs Faster

When typing an email or website address in a compatible input field on an iPhone, most people will manually type in the domain extension. But there's a much faster way to enter domain suffixes for email addresses and website URLs that you should be using on your keyboard. Even better, there's a way to customize what domain extensions appear in the keyboard shortcut!

Domain extensions or suffixes, officially known as top-level domains (TLDs), are the last part of an email or web address, following the root domain, and they begin with a dot. I'm sure you all know about .com and other popular TLDs like .edu, .gov, .net,, and .org. Here are a few examples:


Typing Domain Extensions Faster

There's a hidden keyboard shortcut on your iPhone or iPad that allows you to type TDLs more quickly. To use it, simply touch and hold (or long press) the period (.) key on your keyboard, keep your finger on the screen, and then slide your finger to a TLD on the list and release.

If you see a .com key, use that one instead of the period (.) key.

This shortcut only works in text fields that iOS or iPadOS recognizes as fields to enter email or web addresses, for example, the email and website fields when editing contact details or the search bar in a browser.

On an iPhone, in these types of fields, the period (.) or .com key will appear on the letter keyboard. If you don't see the period (.) or .com key on the first keyboard view, your cursor is in a regular text field. The period (.) key always appears on an iPad, no matter the text field type, but the TLD shortcut will only work in compatible text fields.

Customizing Your Domain Extensions Shortcut

The English (US) keyboard on your iPhone or iPad contains the most popular top-level domains: .com, .net, .org, .edu, and .us. However, you're not limited to just these TLDs.

English (US)

When you add other keyboards from Apple on your iPhone or iPad, you may see more top-level domains, including generic top-level domains (gTLDs), country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), sponsored top-level domains (sTLDs), and even internationalized top-level domains (IDN ccTLDs) that use non-Latin character sets.

  • gTLDs: The biggest ones are .com, .net, and .org, but you can also add .mobi and .info.
  • sTLDs: You won't get .gov or .mil, but you can acquire .cat, which highlights the Catalan language.
  • ccTLDs: This is the bulk of what you can add to complement .us, such as .de (Germany), .jp (Japan), and .uk (United Kingdom).
  • IDN ccTLDs: There are quite a few of these as well, including any TLDs in the list below that aren't using Latin character sets.

All the extra keyboards on your iPhone or iPad that contain a TLD shortcut will have the five main U.S.-based extensions from the English (US) keyboard. Some will also include additional TLDs. Here's the complete list:

English (US)

│ The following keyboards ALSO include all five top-level │
│ domains listed for the English (US) keyboard above.     │

Ainu              , .jp
Albanian                    .al
Apache, Western
Arabic, Najdi               .sa
Armenian                    .am, .հայ
Assamese                    .in, .ভাৰত
Azerbaijani                 .az
Belarusian                  .by, .бел
Bodo                        .in, .भारत
Bulgarian                   .bg, .бг, .ею
Burmese (Unicode)           .mm
Cantonese (Traditional)     .hk, .香港
Catalan                     .cat, .eu
Chinese, Simplified         .cn, .sg, .新加坡, .澳门, .香港, .台湾, .中国
Chinese, Traditional        .cn, .hk, .mo, .tw, .澳門, .香港, .台灣, .中國
Croatian                    .hr
Czech                       .cz
Danish                      .dk, .eu, .nu
Dhivehi                     .mv
Dogri (Devanagari)          .in, .भारत
Dutch (Belgium)             .be, .eu, .nl
Dutch (Netherlands)         .be, .nl
English (Austrilia)         .au
English (Canada)            .ca
English (India)             .in
English (Japan)   , .jp
English (New Zealand)       .ac,, .nz
English (Singapore)         .sg
English (South Africa)      .za
English (UK)      , .eu, .ie, .uk
Estonian                    .ee
Faroese                     .dk, .fo
Filipino                    .ph
Finnish                     .eu, .fi, .info, .mobi
French (Belgium)            .be, .eu, .fr
French (Canada)             .ca
French (France)             .eu, .fr
French (Switzerland)        .ch
Georgian                    .ge, .გე
German (Austria)            .at, .de, .eu
German (Germany)            .de, .eu
German (Switzerland)        .ch, .eu
Greek                       .eu, .gr, .ευ, .ελ
Gujarati                    .in, .ભારત
Hebrew            , .il
Hindi                       .in, .भारत
Hindi (Latin)               .in
Hmong (Pahawh)
Hungarian                   .eu, .hu
Icelandic                   .is
Inari Sámi
Indonesian                  .id
Irish             , .ie
Italian                     .eu, .it
Japanese          , .jp
Kannada                     .in, .ಭಾರತ
Kashmiri (Devanagari)       .in, .भारत
Kashmiri (Naskh)
Kazakh                      .kz, .қаз
Khmer             , .kh
Kildin Sámi
Konkani                     .in, .भारत
Korean            ,, .kr, .한국
Kurdish (Latin)
Kurdish, Sorani
Kyrgyz                      .kg
Lao                         .co,, .la
Latvian                     .eu, .lv
Liangshan Yi
Lithuanian                  .eu, .lt
Lule Sámi
Macedonian                  .mk, .мкд
Maithili                    .in, .भारत
Malay                       .my
Malay (Arabic)              .my, مليسيا.
Malayalam                   .in, .ഭാരതം
Maltese                     .mt
Manipuri                    .in
Manipuri (Meitei Mayek)     .in
Marathi                     .in, .भारत
Mongolian                   .mn, .мон
North Sámi
Norwegian Bokmål            .no
Norwegian Nynorsk           .no
Odia                        .in, .ଭାରତ
Persian (Afghanistan)       .af, افغانستان.
Pite Sámi
Polish                      .eu, .pl
Portuguese (Brazil)         .br
Portuguese (Portugal)       .eu, .pt
Punjabi                     .in, .ਭਾਰਤ
Romanian                    .eu, .ro
Russian                     .ru, .рф
Samoan                      .sm
Sanskrit                    .in, .भारतम्
Santali (Devanagari)        .in, .भारत
Santali (Ol Chiki)          .in
Serbian                     .rs, .срб
Serbian (Latin)             .rs, .срб
Sindhi (Devanagari)
Skolt Sámi
Slovak                      .eu, .sk
Slovenian                   .si
South Sámi
Spanish (Latin America)     .gob
Spanish (Mexico)            .gob, .mx
Spanish (Spain)             .es, .eu
Swedish                     .nu, .se
Tajik                       .tj
Tamazight, Standard Moroccan
Telugu                      .in, .భారత్
Thai                        .th, .ไทย
Tongan                      .to
Turkish                     .tr
Ukrainian                   .ua, .укр
Ume Sámi
Uzbek                       .uz
Uzbek (Arabic)              .af
Uzbek (Cyrillic)            .uz
Vietnamese                  .vn
Welsh             , .eu, .ie

│ All of the following keyboards do not have any obvious │
│ shortcuts for top-level domains.                       │

 Fula (Adlam)

To add any of the keyboards listed above to your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings » General » Keyboard » Keyboards » Add New Keyboard. Then, simply select a keyboard that gives you the TLDs you want to add to your arsenal.

Once you've added all the keyboards you need, test your shortcut on the English (US) keyboard, which will now include all TLDs from the other keyboards you installed. Here's a before and after of my keyboard, which showcases how much you can stuff into this shortcut:

Note that some keyboards have multiple versions available, and not all versions will have the TLD shortcut. Versions without it include the Pinyin 10 Key (Chinese) and Kana (Japan) keyboards, as well as any Handwriting and Stroke versions.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Justin Meyers/Gadget Hacks

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