News: Essential iPhone X Tips for the 6 Million Lucky People Who Got One on Black Friday

Essential iPhone X Tips for the 6 Million Lucky People Who Got One on Black Friday

Cyber Week 2017 is still upon us. If you're looking for an iPhone X deal, you might still have time to score one. But maybe you already have — a reported six million people purchased the newest iPhone over the Black Friday weekend. If you're one of those lucky millions, there's a slight learning curve to using the X over other iPhone models.

After all, you may have noticed a few (ahem) staple iPhone features are missing this time around. It's all screen, there's a fancy new front camera, and most importantly, there's no Home button. To help you get acquainted with your new iPhone X, we're rounded up some of the most important tips and tricks you'll need to become an iPhone X pro in no time.

1. New Swipe Gestures

Apple removed the Home button on the iPhone X, which means a lot of new actions to learn. Apple has handed over most responsibilities of the Home button to new swipe gestures. While there are more than a few new things to learn for the iPhone X, you'll get the hang of them in no time. Check out the guide below to learn all the swipe gestures.

2. New Button Controls

Did you know that the power button, or Sleep/Wake button, on your new iPhone isn't really a power button? Apple calls this new iteration the Side button because it deals with a lot more than power-related tasks now. Sure, you can still use it to lock or wake your iPhone, but you can also use it to quickly disable Face ID or to pull up your Wallet or Apple Pay. It's also picked up a little slack from the missing Home button that swipe gestures couldn't take on. Learn everything in the guide below.

3. Virtual Home Button

While the iPhone X doesn't have a Home button, you can add a virtual one using AssistiveTouch. So if all the swipes and Side button presses above are hard to grasp, this could help you out in the meantime.

4. Charging Easier & Faster

With the new iPhone X's wireless charging capabilities, there are a few things you need to know to make sure you're getting the best Qi experience. Also, for those not into the wireless charging thing, you can still increase the speed of battery charging with a new cable and power adapter.

5. Face ID Tips

Since the Touch ID we've come to know and love is gone, you'll have to get used to its fancier and possibly more secure sibling, Face ID.

6. Important Settings

Some changes to your typical iPhone experience have been relocated to the Settings app. You might want to refer to the tips below if you want to disable Auto-Brightness or enable Reachability.

7. The New Camera

While there's not a whole lot new in the Camera app, it does include Portrait Lighting mode, which the iPhone 8 models also have, only it one-ups those other devices with Portrait Lighting mode for selfies. Also, you can use the new TrueDepth camera system in the Messages app, too.

Hopefully, this gets you on your way to becoming a pro user on the iPhone X. There's a lot to digest, but once you've got it all down, you'll wonder how things could have been any different. Seriously. The next time you pick up another iPhone model, or even your iPad, if you have one, you'll find yourself performing gestures and button clicks that don't work except on the X.

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