News: No, You Won't Accidentally Buy Apps Just by Looking at Your iPhone X

No, You Won't Accidentally Buy Apps Just by Looking at Your iPhone X

For those worried that a lustful gaze at a new app on their iPhone X will authorize its purchase, we have great news for you.

With Face ID, the new security standard for the iPhone X, many potential customers are wondering exactly how it will pick up where Touch ID left off. One example is with regards to app purchases in the iOS App Store.

As shown by Reddit user Jjeffx, you simply tap the "Get" button next to a new app (not one that you've already installed before), double-click the Side button, and then Face ID authorizes the purchase.

Images by Jjeffx/Reddit

This is likely the way in-app purchases will be handed as well for the iPhone X, so you'll have three whole steps to decide if you really want to drop $100 on Clash of Clans.

Apple tries to make this process as fast and intuitive as they can, but the experience is bogged down with prompts and awkward button clicks. Navigating purchases feels like a step backward for the newest iPhone, but something everyone will surely get used to in no time.

Unfortunately, Apple removed the ability to disable this process for free app downloads back in iOS 10.3, so this option is not available on the iPhone X either. However, you can go into your "Face ID & Passcode" settings and toggle off "iTunes & App Store" from the list of things you can use Face ID for, which means you'll need to enter your passcode instead, which may be even a worse user experience.

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Honestly the concept of FaceID in general is disconcerting from a functionality standpoint. TouchID struggled to find it's feet for multiple production cycles because of general inaccuracy and software concerns, and greatly increased the difficulty of repair for iPhones past the 5S generation. FaceID seems destined to face the same bumpy road, and doesn't unlock any additional functions that TouchID doesn't already provide, leaving users with just another Apple doodad whose cost is being covered by yet again record launch prices.

I mean Face ID is faster, and supposedly more secure (though some disagree about that), but you're right about Touch ID not really finding itself for a few generations. Hopefully they figure out some way to bring Touch ID back into the fold on the premium devices next time around. It's already been integrated into the ecosystem so well.

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