How To: Make Siri Play Spotify Music on Your iPhone

Make Siri Play Spotify Music on Your iPhone

Apple has slowly opened up functionality for Siri, allowing the personal assistant to recognize songs, toggle settings off and on, make purchases, post to Facebook and Twitter, and much, much more.

While it's rumored that Siri's third-party app integration will expand in the near future, it's not exactly known when. With the AssistantLove 2 Beta jailbreak tweak, from the development team at Delta, you can add at least some third-party integration by allowing Siri to play music from Spotify.

Just make sure you have a jailbroken iOS 8 device before continuing.

Step 1: Install the Delta Repo

AssistantLove 2 Beta is not currently available through any existing Cydia repos, since it's not full ready for primetime. Instead, you'll need to go to the Cydia application, find "Sources," tap "Edit," then "Add."

In the text box that appears, type in "," then tap on "Add Source." After a few seconds, a new source will appear called "Delta"—this is where the tweak is located.

Step 2: Install AssistantLove 2 Beta

Now "Install" AssistantLove 2 Beta, then tap on "Restart SpringBoard" so that your phone reboots and the tweak takes effect.

Step 3: Use Siri to Play Songs from Spotify

Now bring up Siri and issue a command to play a song from a certain artist. Once Siri recognizes the song (which was incredibly accurate for me), it will open up Spotify and play the song.

Note: Make sure you don't ask Siri to play a song you already have saved on your device, or else she'll play that version and not the one on Spotify.

If you have a paid GrooveShark account, you can also pull music from there if you don'y have Spotify.

The tweak didn't work 100% of the time; recognizing the song but not always playing it. Since this is a beta, this isn't all that surprising, but expect these issues to be fixed by the time it's officially released.

Are there any other Cydia apps or tweaks that have caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below.

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