How To: Keep Siri Under Control on Your iPhone

Keep Siri Under Control on Your iPhone

How to Keep Siri Under Control on Your iPhone

I've tried a lot of virtual assistants over the years—Google Now, Cortana, and even Alexa—and let me tell you, Siri is definitely the worst of the bunch. Her voice recognition skills are far behind the competition, the answers she gives are seldom useful, and to top that all off, nobody wants to look like a weirdo by talking to their phone in public.

While your answer to these issues may be "Just don't use Siri," that's not always a viable solution when you consider how easy it is to activate Siri by accident while your phone is in your pocket. So below, I'll show you two methods for ridding yourself of this lackluster feature—either by disabling Siri on your lock screen to prevent accidental activation, or by giving her the axe altogether.

Method 1: Disable Siri on Your Lock Screen

If you've been having problems with pocket-activating Siri, the simplest solution would be to disable Siri's long-press gesture while your phone is locked. This method will not affect Siri functionality while you're actively using your phone, though.

To start, head to the "Touch ID & Passcode" entry in your phone's main Settings menu. From here, simply disable the Siri option beneath the Allow access when locked section, and from now on, long-pressing your home button while your screen is off will do nothing.

Method 2: Disable Siri Altogether

If you're just plain tired of Siri and you long for the simpler days of iOS 4 before she ever existed, it's really simple to ditch the personal assistant.

Worth noting, though, when you disable Siri, a similar feature called "Voice Control" takes over the home button long-press gesture, but it's more of a utility for getting things done and less of a sassy, back-talking virtual assistant.

So to get rid of Siri altogether, start by heading to the "General" entry in your phone's main Settings menu. From here, scroll down a bit and select the "Siri" option, then disable the feature with the switch at the top of the screen, and press "Turn Off Siri" to confirm your choice. From now on, your phone will be completely free of Siri-related nuisances, and you may even notice a minor bump in battery life without the service occupying resources.

Cover photo and screenshots by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

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