How To: Change Your iPhone's App Icons to Any Shape You Want in iOS 7

Change Your iPhone's App Icons to Any Shape You Want in iOS 7

More and more, our phones are becoming an expression of us. Whether it's the device we choose, the case it dons, or the ringer it bellows, we like to personalize. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do beyond cases and ringers on your iPhone, unless you jailbreak.

We've already covered a few ways to personalize your jailbroken iPhone with themes like Space BlueBerry, or my personal favorite, M'Flat, but neither did anything for the shape of the icons. For that, you can use Circulus, which makes them all round, but if you don't like round icons, you can now choose pretty much any shape or variation you like with the installment of just one simple tweak, which I'll show you below.

Aside from having a jailbroken iOS 7 device, you will also need to install WinterBoard, the utility that we'll use to choose and apply the icon shapes.

Installing Icon Masks

Open up Cydia, then search for and install Icon Masks.

Applying Icon Shapes

Now that you've installed Icon Masks, just open WinterBoard, select your shape, then Respring. With over 80 shapes and variations, it'll be much tougher to be bored with your device's look.

We can choose from conventional shapes like circles and triangles, or pick something a little more unorthodox, like skulls or splatters.

The only bug so far is that the Calendar icon may not display correctly with certain shapes, with either day, date, or both sneaking out from the shape. Also, the shapes are not applied to folders, although the icons in the folder are shaped.

Liking your newly shaped icons? Spruce them up further with more WinterBoard themes, and check out our other mods and tweaks for jailbroken devices.

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Hmm, it'll be nice you can help me with getting that theme, shape, etc, like on the 2nd picture, the exact same. Thank You.

The theme is called M'Flat and it's available on Cydia.

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