How To: Get Cool Cartoony iOS 7 Icons on Your iPhone or iPad for a Unique & Fun Home Screen

Get Cool Cartoony iOS 7 Icons on Your iPhone or iPad for a Unique & Fun Home Screen

Depending on who you ask, the icons on your iPhone have either improved or taken a serious dive since the iOS 7 update. They're flatter and cleaner, which I really appreciated, but the neon colors are a little too bright, and the grays are a little too dull.

Many of you have been begging for a different look that gives off a certain personality or individualism, as it seems Android users have all the sovereignty when it comes to personalizing their devices.

Well, I'm here to help you give the finger to your Android-using friends. If you have followed our guide on how to jailbreak your iOS 7 device, then you're almost ready. If not, then go do that first. We'll wait.

Note: This tweak will not work for the iPhone 5s just yet. sorry

Step 1: Install WinterBoard

To apply a theme to your device, you will need the popular Cydia application, WinterBoard. Just go into Cydia, search, then install WinterBoard. Easy, right?

Not many themes are yet compatible for iOS 7 just yet, but more and more are coming out every day.

Step 2: Install Space BlueBerry

Head back in to Cydia, search, then install Space BlueBerry.

Step 3: Apply the Theme

Head into the WinterBoard application, go to themes, and select Space BlueBerry.

Step 4: Enjoy

This theme will apply to almost all stock apps, as well as popular third-party apps, like Twitter and SnapChat.

I would describe this theme as "animated," but If you're going for a masculine look, then maybe just hook your girlfriends up with this theme. Remember to checkout the iOS hacks page for more cool customizations.

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