How To: All the Apps with Lock Screen Widgets for Your iPhone

All the Apps with Lock Screen Widgets for Your iPhone

Apple's just ushered in a new era for widgets on your iPhone. With the iOS 16 update, each of your lock screens can have up to five widgets. While Apple's apps were the first to get lock screen widgets, third-party developers can code their own ones into their apps — and here's a list of every app we know so far that does.

Thanks to WidgetKit and SwiftUI views, app developers can create lock screen widgets that are always visible (especially for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max and their always-on displays), show only the most important, glanceable content, and act as a shortcut to open up the host app. Developers can build lock screen widgets from scratch or update existing code for their home screen and Today View widgets.

While the list of apps that support lock screen widgets is always growing, we've cataloged everything we could find and will keep adding to the list as time goes on.

Apple Apps with Top Lock Screen Widgets

Apple Apps with Bottom Lock Screen Widgets

Third-Party Apps with Top or Bottom Lock Screen Widgets

If you know of any other apps with lock screen widgets we missed, please let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @GadgetHax.

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