News: All the Apps That Work with iOS 13's Dark Mode

All the Apps That Work with iOS 13's Dark Mode

Out of the more than 200 new features Apple included with iOS 13, perhaps none is more anticipated than system-wide dark mode. Finally, we no longer need to blind ourselves when responding to an iMessage late at night or checking Reminders to see the following day's tasks. But this benefit also applies to third-party apps, so long as they are updated accordingly.

This isn't a list of every app on iOS that offers dark mode for your iPhone. Many third-party apps have been offering some form of dark mode for years now. What we're talking about here is dynamic dark mode, where the app's theme changes depending on whether you have iOS 13's system-wide dark mode enabled or disabled.

While some apps, like Twitter and Pandora, make headlines when they add support for iOS 13's dark mode, many do not. Many apps quietly update, making it difficult to identify all the apps out there that offer this feature. We're keeping a running list below, where we'll continue to add compatible apps as we find them. If you have an app that supports iOS 13's dark mode but is absent from this list, please let us know in the comments below!

Just know that the process for updating apps in iOS 13 has changed, whether you use the App Store or the quick action on its home screen icon. Check out our guide to see all the ways to update apps in iOS 13 for help if you need it.




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Would love to see Family Five mentioned as well. It even has updated its illustrations in dark mode

SignEasy is another to add to the list, the document signing app. They are supporting Dark Mode along with VisionKit (in-app scanning), multi-window support in iPad, and Dynamic Type. App is live on the App Store now.

HI Justin, the FishAngler App is a free social media app exclusively for anglers across the world and is releasing dark mode compatibility this week!

It will be first fishing app to do so and is 100% free to the user.

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