News: 25+ Annoying Things iOS 12 Got Wrong or Failed to Address

25+ Annoying Things iOS 12 Got Wrong or Failed to Address

While there are over 100 cool features iOS 12 has to offer, there are some things Apple has made more annoying on iPhones or just has not addressed yet.

While the main issues below are direct changes to iOS for iPhone in the latest 12 update, some of the lesser issues near the bottom of this article are things we also wanted to see in iOS 11, iOS 10, and so on. Yes, Apple has added a few things here and there from our iOS wish lists, but they haven't fixed everything.

1. Sending Photos in Messages Is Annoying, Period

If you're the type of person who shares pictures and videos from your Photos library straight from the Messages app, be prepared for an infuriating change. Instead of tapping the camera icon like you always did in a message thread, you have to tap the Photos icon in the App Drawer. This is really hard to get used to, plus, if you like to hide the App Drawer, you'll have even more problems with it.

Say goodbye to this, and hello to a more frustrating way to access pics.

2. No More Live Videos in FaceTime

In order to make way for FaceTime's more convoluted menu during video calls, Apple has removed the shutter button to take Live Videos during video calls. This feature first appeared in iOS 11, so it's sad to see that it only last one iOS version. Bring it back, Apple!

Update: This is returning in iOS 12.1.1.

The shutter button in iOS 11 (left) and none in iOS 12 (right).

3. Saved & History Are Buried in News

Ever since iOS 9, we've been able to tap the "Saved" tab in the Apple News app in order to see all the news articles we stored because we didn't have time to read fully when we first saw them. It also showed us our reading history. I save a ton of articles in News, I admit, so I used that tab a lot to quickly go back and read content. Plus, I like to go back and share things I read after the fact form my history.

Now, in iOS 12, the "Saved" tab is no more. Instead, you have to go to "Channels" (which was called "Browse" during the betas). After that, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom, past search, followed, and suggestions, to view "Saved Stories" and "History." Ugh. It's like Apple doesn't want us to read anything but new content.

Before iOS 12 (left) and after (right).

4. You Can't Add Camera Effects to Anything in Your Library

When you tap on the camera icon in Messages, you're thrown right into the integrated Camera app so you can start shooting a selfie, landscape photo, or whatever. Whether you snap a picture or shoot a video — or are about to — you can tap the new effects button to access Animoji and Memoji, filters, text overlays, and shapes that you can throw on top off a photo or in the video.

While that's pretty awesome, Apple limits these new tools to the camera icon in Messages. That means you cannot add any of these effects to photos or videos already in your Photos library, nor can you find the effects in the regular Camera app. Disappointing, to say the least.

New effects in the Messages camera (left) but not in Photos or Camera (right).

5. They Changed the 'Accounts & Passwords' Name

To ... wait for it ... "Passwords & Accounts." What the hell was wrong with it the way it was?! It's a subtle change most won't even notice, but it's still annoying.

Before (left) and after the iOS 12 update (right).

6. The Shortcuts App Is Not a Stock App

When iOS 12 was released, we were hoping that the new Shortcuts app would be preinstalled on all iOS devices, opening up the world of automation to the masses, but that was not the case. If you had Workflow installed already, it would be upgraded to Shortcuts, but if you didn't, you'll have to install Shortcuts from the App Store — if you even knew it existed. There will be a lot of users who won't care about it, but that's only because they haven't played with it yet.

You have to download it from the App Store.

7. Group FaceTime Was a No-Show

At least, for now. Apple removed Group FaceTime ever since iOS 12 dev beta 7, and it has remained absent ever since. Now, it's not supposed to be released in a later "fall" update, possibly iOS 12.1 since the iOS 12.1 beta has shown some signs of Group FaceTime again.

8. Apple's Forcing iCloud Photo Library

Down our throats. Yep. I don't like using iCloud Photos since there are a ton of issues with it that I have. I'll save those for another day, but when it comes to iOS 12, there's a useful feature in Photos that you can only use with iCloud Photos turned on: Sharing Suggestions. I'd love to use this feature, but I don't want to pay for more than 5 GB of online storage, nor do I want to get rid of my @Mac email addresses that take up most of my iCloud storage.

Sharing Suggestions can only be used after enabled iCloud Photos.

9. Camera Flip in FaceTime Is Hidden

When FaceTiming with somebody on iOS 11.4.1 or lower, whenever you'd want to switch between the selfie camera and the rear one, you'd just hit the camera button. Now, in iOS 12, you have to hit the ellipsis (•••), then select "flip" to do the same thing. So it's essentially a two-step process now instead of just one tap. It's the same thing for "mute" too now.

Also, on a related note, when you are FaceTiming in landscape orientations, the new hidden menu still shows up in portrait view, so you have to cock you head to read the button names.

More Gripes About iOS 12

There are a lot of things that are wrong in iOS, in general, that I've mentioned may times before, so I'll just quickly list them all right here instead of going in-depth about all of them again.

  1. The "Wish List" in the App Store still has not returned.
  2. Still no third-party app support in the Control Center.
  3. There's still no quick setting in the Control Center to customize the controls.
  4. And still no way to enter detailed Settings from any control (besides DND).
  5. The obtrusive volume HUD is still found in certain areas of iOS, like Photos.
  6. No way to rate songs from Control Center or lock screen still.
  7. Deleting multiple emails at once is still a pain in the ass.
  8. Still no "Junk" option for swipe options in Mail.
  9. Still can't disable screenshot thumbnail previews.
  10. Game Center is still useless.
  11. Still no universal dark mode.
  12. No dual-screen mode for iPhones yet.
  13. And no dual-user support for iPhones yet either.
  14. Still missing voice transcriptions for iMessage audio.
  15. No Halide-like controls in the Camera app still.
  16. Apple's still not fully utilizing its own biometric platforms in stock apps.
  17. Still no number row or swipe typing in Apple's stock keyboard.
  18. No good way to turn off flashlight on lock screen still (older iPhones).
  19. Grouped pics sent to Messages from Photos still become iCloud albums (with iCloud Photos turned on) instead of individual image files people can see right away.

Having any serious issues with iOS 12 that aren't listed above? Share in the comments below. I'm sure there's something we didn't talk about that drives you absolutely mad, so speak up.

Still, as annoying as some of the issues above are, it's just a small slice of iOS 12. Just over 20 annoying features compared to over 100 cool features? At this point, it just might be nitpicking, but a perfect iOS is the dream.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Justin Meyers/Gadget Hacks


You didn't mention the worst problems, which is that they swapped the "switch keyboard" and ".?123" buttons on the ipad keyboard.

Yeah, that would be on the list for sure, but I tried to leave iPad stuff out for this list and focus on the iPhone. Had I included iPad, I'm sure there would have been more than a few more additions here.

It bugs me that Apple has created such a big sidebar for News on the iPad, reducing my screen real estate for reading articles. It's not obvious that there's any way to hide or reduce the size of that sidebar. Bah!

why cant anyone make a good 3rd party keyboard for ios with these 3 things:
1 a number row always ontop
2 2ndary 3rd functionality on all individual keys gboard achieves number 1 n 2 already
3 voice to text button n emojis button

4 a good extra would be how the stock ios keyboard has predictive smileys when u type things like happy cat mad emoji suggestions appear at the top no other keyboard does that / has that.

all im asking for is a keyboard that has those 3-4 suggestions n it would be a win add in swipe type n if the keyboard does those 3 simple things. charge $2.00 for it n u could have the most popular keyboard/keyboard app on all of ios n its all so simple.

hell i dislike the stock ios keyboard so much i'll even pay someone to make the keyboard i have described. im tempted to go try n make it myself n possibly get rich. jeese. do all ios keyboards follow the same lame 4 row keyboard layout? why not add a 5th number row thats always there n extra functionality for every key like in gboard n swift key. on android gboard achieves the number row n the extra key functionality n pressing keys just feels more accurate on an android. then we just need a voice to text button like the stock ios keyboard n an emojis button. boom. perfect keyboard for ios. why has no one made a decently good ios keyboard in all these years? androids versions of gboard n swiftkey got this almost petfect years ago. so why does every ios keyboard save 1 have the same lame 4 row keyboard layout? even the ios versions of gboard n swift key. what is up with the 4 row layout on ios? n where at least is the 5th number row? that should always be there. thats there on android gboard. why does nobody include the 5th number row n extra indavidual key functions and the voice to text button/functionality on ios keyboards? its truly pathetic. i think i should almost just save my breath n switch to an android. simple. thanx 4 ur time.

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