How To: Save Snapchats Without Getting Caught on Your iPad or iPhone

Save Snapchats Without Getting Caught on Your iPad or iPhone

In previous guides, we detailed how to save Snapchat media undetected with a screenshot exploit and a jailbreak tweak, but the exploit has been patched and there is no iOS 8 jailbreak yet. Turns out, there's an easier way to save Snapchat pics and videos, and it works on iPads and iPhones running iOS 6 and higher—no jailbreak or glitch required.

Downloading the App

The app we'll be using to save "non-savable" Snapchat photos and videos without the sender knowing is called Snapkeep (it's free) by developer Harry Gulliford.

Getting Familiar with It

Snapkeep requires you to sign in with your Snapchat username and password, which you may or may not want to do for security reasons. Due to the length of time this app has been out, and the solid ratings, it's safe to say there won't be any funny business.

The application is minimal and extremely easy to navigate, utilizing three basic tabs: Snaps, Stories, and Options—unfortunately, Stories requires the Premium version ($0.99).

Saving Snaps Undetected

To save a snap, it's important to make sure it was not opened in the official Snapchat application—media will not be available to open in Snapkeep if it has been opened and viewed in Snapchat.

In the Snaps tab in Snapkeep, open a Snap (holding down is not required), then tap the large Save to Camera Roll option. You'll then have the image stored in your Photos app.

Signing Back in to Snapchat

Because you're signing in with your Snapchat credentials, you will need to sign back in to the official Snapchat app anytime you use Snapkeep. Thankfully, Snapkeep makes jumping back to the Snapchat app easy with a Open Snapchat feature in the Options.

Also, Snapkeep does not mark Snaps as viewed, so make sure to view them in the official app to avoid any suspicion from friends. Other than that, enjoy and let us know how you liked it in the comments below as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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