How To: Lock iPhone Notes with Touch ID or a Password

Lock iPhone Notes with Touch ID or a Password

I hide about half of the stock iOS applications on my iPhone, but one I'll never remove is Notes. Whether it's a personal thought or something important I don't want to forget, I regularly pull out my phone to jot down something in the Notes app.

On the down side, anyone with access to my iPhone can also open this app and take a look at any secret recipes I've written down or other personal information I'd never want to share. Fortunately, Apple's iOS 9.3 update remedies this by allowing users to lock particular notes with a password or Touch ID.

How to Lock Your Notes

Locking a note is an extremely simple process, but again, it's only available for iOS 9.3. To lock a note, simply tap the share icon from within a note you've taken and select "Lock Note" from the share sheet (it used to say "Password Protect Note" in the beta).

Next, create a password and include a hint so you don't forget it. As mentioned, you can also toggle on "Use Touch ID," which will make it more secure. Once you're ready, tap "Done." The password you create will also be applied to additional notes you decide to lock in the future. to lock the note immediately, tap the lock icon up top.

How to Unlock Notes

To unlock a note, which you can also view on Macs running OS X 10.11.4 and later, tap on "View Note" and use your fingerprint or password to unlock it.

If you forget your password, you'll receive your hint after three straight failed attempts.

If you completely forget the password you created, you can enter the Notes preferences from within Settings to reset it using your device's main Apple ID password, which does not delete your protected notes. Additionally, you can also toggle off Touch ID or change the password from the preferences as well.

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I just updated to 9.3. Now is this feature available only on the 6s and 6s plus? I have the 6 and there is no lock feature in the share section. I have set a password for notes in settings tho.

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