How To: The Fastest Way to Scroll Through Your iPhone's Home Screen Pages & Folders

The Fastest Way to Scroll Through Your iPhone's Home Screen Pages & Folders

If you have a lot of apps, you likely have a lot of home screen pages unless you hid them. With many pages, swiping over to a particular one can feel very tedious, especially if you're doing so repetitively, over and over again. If this sounds like your iPhone experience, you should know you're swiping wrong. There's a much faster way to get around your home screen, thanks to iOS 14.

You know those dots on your home screen? In portrait orientation, they're above the home screen's dock, while they're at the very bottom in landscape mode. Well, they indicate which home screen page you're currently on. There's even a dot for the Today View where all of your widgets, new and old, appear.

Instead of swiping through pages on the home screen, you can tap the dots to move between pages. However, iOS 14 makes the entire dot area swipeable as well, similar to the emoji keyboard's hidden scroll feature. The only downside to the new swipe action is that the Today View is no longer a dot, nor the new App Library.

There are two main ways to swipe through your pages using the dots. First, long-press on the dots until the translucent border appears, then swipe within that border. You'll move through the pages as fast as you swipe. Second, long-press the dots until the translucent background appears, then swipe quickly out of the border. Now, iOS will swipe through your pages at a fixed rate.

And just like tapping the dots, you can use the new swipes on not only home screen pages, but within folders to get around your apps faster, wherever they may be.

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