How To: Beef Up Your iPhone's Passcode Security with a Blank Keypad on Your iOS 7 Lock Screen

Beef Up Your iPhone's Passcode Security with a Blank Keypad on Your iOS 7 Lock Screen

Are you tired of your snoopy coworkers and friends lingering over your shoulder as you type in your security passcode? Unless you have the newer iPhone 5S with Touch ID that scans your fingerprint, you've only got a couple of security options—either a 4-digit numeric passcode or a cumbersome password.

One way to improve your security, and in turn make it harder for people to crack your code, is to simply remove the numbers from the keypad.

Sound easy? It is, but first, get started by checking out how to jailbreak your iOS 7 device, if you haven't done so already.

Step 1: Install Winterboard

After jailbreaking, head into Cydia, then search for and install Winterboard. It sounds like a Winter Olympics event (yes, I am hilarious), but it's actually a jailbreak app that you'll need to apply new themes.

Step 2: Acquire iOS 7 Blank Keypad

After installing Winterboard, go back into Cydia. From here, we're going to add a new source so we can acquire the tweak.

  1. Tap the Manage tab and select Sources.
  2. Select Edit then Add.
  3. Type "" and select Add Source.
  4. Go back to Sources and select you new source, mrfunderthuck, then install the iOS 7 Blank Keypad tweak.

Step 3: Enable iOS 7 Blank Keypad

Open up Winterboard, select the iOS 7 BlankKeypad and Respring. Done!

Enjoy Your New Beefed Up Passcode Security

When your device restarts, you'll see that the numbers are gone from the passcode keypad. Make sure you can remember your passcode without the numbers being visible, otherwise you'll have a whole different problem on your hands.

This should make keeping those nosy people away from your iPhone just a little bit easier. It doesn't work with the more advanced password option, but even if it could, you'd have to have be an eidetic to use it.

For more awesome tweaks, check out our other Cydia Hacks for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and as always, let those comments rip below.

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