How To: All the Video Apps Compatible with Dolby Vision HDR on iPhone 12 & 12 Pro

All the Video Apps Compatible with Dolby Vision HDR on iPhone 12 & 12 Pro

There's one big drawback when it comes to shooting video in HDR with Dolby Vision on the iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max — it's not compatible with many apps and services. That means your video will be downgraded to SDR when sharing. That said, there are options to shoot, view, and edit iPhone-created Dolby Vision HDR videos that are available to use right now.

With any new format, apps tend to take some time to adapt. We're sure to see the list grow in the coming months, as video recording and editing apps seek to compete for iPhone 12 owners' attention. But it may take a bit longer than usual since the Dolby Vision used on the iPhone 12 models isn't normal Dolby Vision, but a special Apple-specific version of Dolby Vision. That means even apps and services that do support Dolby Vision need to upgrade to this specific format, and that takes time.

In particular, we're excited to see social media apps add support for Apple's Dolby Vision HDR format. Apps like TikTok and Instagram already feature high-quality video shot on iPhones, so to see creators upload videos with Dolby Vision HDR seems like a great next step for online video.

Video Recording Apps

Media Viewing & Editing Apps


Streaming Apps

Did we miss your favorite video app that supports iPhone 12's HDR with Dolby Vision? Let us know! We'll keep adding to the list above as we find more apps that support the feature.

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