How To: Add Widgets to Your iPhone's Notification Center in iOS 8

Add Widgets to Your iPhone's Notification Center in iOS 8

While they're not exactly what you would expect if you know anything about Android, Apple has finally introduced widgets for their iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices running iOS 8.

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Showing up-to-date information, stats, photos, news summaries, as well as giving users quick access to specific features, these widgets reside within the Notification Center—more specifically, the Today view.

All you need to do is install widget-compatible applications onto your device and follow the instructions below to get widgets in your iOS 8 Notification Center.

Adding a Widget to Your Notification Center

To add a widget, slide down the Notification Center and scroll to the bottom of the Today view until you see Edit. There, you'll find the stock Apple widgets, as well as any new applications on your device that have incorporated widget compatibility.

Add a widget to your Notification Center by tapping on the green plus sign next to the application under Do Not Include. Once they're included at the top of the page, you can rearrange them by holding down on the three-dash icon on the right side and sliding into place.

Similarly, to remove a widget, just tap the red minus sign. When you're all set, hit Done on the top-right corner.

Using Your Widgets

You should now see different sized, interactive widgets all over your Notification Center. Below you can see widgets for Yahoo Weather, Evernote, NYT Now, and VICE News.

Yahoo Weather shows off weather information along with a photo of the city you're near, while Evernote allows users to create several types of notes from their widget.

Some of the other applications out there in the App Store with widget compatability include Wdgts, Dropbox, iTranslate, Audiobooks from Audible, Pedometer++, OpenTable, 24me, Duolingo, Parcel, and several others.

One of my favorite widget-compatible apps is Wdgts, which allows you to place several types of widgets in the Notification Center, such as a photo frame slideshow, a calendar, a simple calculator, and more.

Another pretty nifty widget is the one for iTranslate, which quickly translates the last thing you've copied to your clipboard. Dropbox gives users access to some the latest files they've uploaded to their cloud service.

As developers start to integrate their apps with iOS 8, look for more applications to update their code to include widget support on your iOS device. ESPN's SportsCenter, eBay, and other popular applications should make their way to your Notification Center soon.

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i have tried android with widgets on home screen and iOS 8 widgets. Android widgets are intuitive but they slow down the overall performance of the device tremendously to a point where your device can even hang and freeze. IOS widgets on the other hand is relegated to the notification centre and they are improving in sense of being intuitive, they do not affect performance on the phone. Everything is till snappy and fast. No lag at all. Apple definitely don't do stuff which brings down performance of the phone. The thing which iPhone i think lacks which android offers is file system. where you can download stuff and have access to raw file system. That is missing sorely on iPhone.

Good stuff buddy
But wonder how to add more apps on the pull up menu ?

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