News: Listen to the iPhone X's New Default Ringtone 'Reflection'

Listen to the iPhone X's New Default Ringtone 'Reflection'

Apple rarely changes the ringtones on its iPhones. In fact, the last addition was all the way back in iOS 7. However, it appears they wanted to do something special with the 10th-anniversary edition iPhone, so Apple included a unique ringtone called "Reflection" on the iPhone X.

Forbes' David Phelan claims "Reflection" is the default ringtone for the iPhone X since it took a few calls for him to realize it was actually his iPhone receiving a phone call. Phelan describes the ringtone as "cute," however, provides no audio source.

However, Twitter user Guilherme Rambo posted a video of the ringtone first, and we've confirmed it. As you'll see, it sounds great — possibly one of the smoothest ringtones Apple has ever made.

It should be noted this ringtone is exclusive to the iPhone X. Even if you've recently updated to iOS 11.1 — or if you're on the iOS 11.2 beta — you won't find this ringtone anywhere but on the X. But that doesn't mean you can't get it. We've got instructions for you right here:

What do you think of the new ringtone? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover image by The Verge/YouTube

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