First Look: The New Ringtones & Dynamic Wallpapers in iOS 7 for Your iPhone 5

The New Ringtones & Dynamic Wallpapers in iOS 7 for Your iPhone 5

During today's press event at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple announced that iOS 7 will come bundled with several new ringtones—something that has stayed relatively static the past few years.

I've download the GM version of iOS 7, which is the last version for developers before Apple releases the finalized version next week on September 18th to the general public, and I'm going to show you the new ringtones and wallpapers they have to offer.

New Ringtones & Alert Tones

Almost instantly after going into the settings, I could see the updated sounds with an extensive list topping 27 new ringtones, with Opening now taking the place of the Marimba default sound. Scrolling down, I saw 12 new alert tones as well.

If you're someone who's accustomed to the old tones, or is just plain weary of change, not to worry—at the end of each new list of sounds is an option to go through the Classic ring/alert tones you know and love.

New Wallpapers & Dynamic Wallpapers

In addition to new sounds, iOS 7 also brings dynamic wallpapers, as well as new still wallpapers.

With the dynamic wallpapers, you'll see slightly animated backgrounds, with bubbles that appear and disappear over time. Unfortunately, there are only seven of these wallpapers, and they're pretty much identical (except for the color).

In the Stills part of the wallpapers, you'll find a handful of new backgrounds, filled with wonderful nature shots, as Apple is known to do.

At the bottom of the stills, you'll see the Johnny Ive influence on the wallpapers with the colors that match the new iOS.

All of the wallpapers have the parallax effect in full, so you'll see a change of depth and view when moving your smartphone.

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I downloaded a separate file, before September 18 of the new iOS7 ringtones and alerts sounds to my iPhone 5. Now that I have the official release of iOS7 on my phone I have two sets of the new ringtones/alerts.

Any ideas on how to get rid of the second set?

Maybe try going into iTunes on your computer and deleting them from the "Tones" tab on the left, then sync your iPhone. Or, in iTunes, go to your iPhone, then the "Tones" tab, and uncheck the Sync Tones box.

This is just assuming that they are in your iTunes. If you don't have them there, I'm not sure what's up.

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