News: iPhone 8's 3D Camera More Than a Rumor, Thanks to an Analysis from Morgan Stanley

iPhone 8's 3D Camera More Than a Rumor, Thanks to an Analysis from Morgan Stanley

The rumor that the iPhone 8 will ship with 3D camera system is not a new one, but a new analysis by Morgan Stanley's Charlie Chan lends credibility to the speculation. Now, it appears more likely than ever that Apple's next iPhone will ship with 3D capabilities, increasing potential for AR and VR integration in the future.

This development is based off Himax Technologies, the company Apple is reportedly interested in to produce the camera's 3D technology, according to Barron's. Himax has seen a large share price increase this year of 56%, which is largely a result of the speculation surrounding their involvement with Apple. However, as Chan points out, the uptick could be due to other companies' interests in AR and VR, which 3D cameras are largely built for.

The iPhone 8's 3D camera would allow AR to become more integrated into the user experience. Image by Ed Gregory/Stokpic

Chan believes Apple will choose Himax to produce the technology because of the company's ability to manufacture on a small scale, as Barron's quotes from Chan's analysis: "Himax's wafer level optics (WLO) technology can further reduce the size and fit the 3D sensing in smartphones."

We know Apple is no fan of compromising on size, so if they were to integrate a 3D camera system, it would only make sense to choose the company that can produce the smallest technological footprint.

With these reports, it seems Apple's newest phone will be putting an emphasis on mixed reality, opening the possibilities for app developers to tap into the next level of this current technological trend.

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