News: iOS 11.3 Bug Removes Screenshot Previews for Some iPhone Users

iOS 11.3 Bug Removes Screenshot Previews for Some iPhone Users

Apple's latest iPhone operating system is notorious for its frequent bugs and glitches. The latest iteration, iOS 11.3, is no exception, as users are experiencing not only 3D Touch issues but missing screenshot previews as well.

Normally, when a screenshot is taken in iOS 11 or higher, the whole entire screen will flash white, then that full-screen white flash will start shrinking into the bottom left of the display until it becomes a small thumbnail preview of the screenshot, revealing the regular screen behind it as normal. Then, users can either wait for the preview to disappear, tap on it to edit it, or swipe the preview away off the screen.

Well, some users, including quite a few of us here at Gadget Hacks, have experienced a hiccup since updating to iOS 11.3. Sometimes it works like normal, but other times when you take a screenshot a thin white border will appear around the screen instead of a big white flash. It's barely visible. So hard to see, in fact, that you're left wondering whether a screenshot even happened or not. Sometimes, even the thin white border will be MIA completely, making things even worse.

Adding to that, the thumbnail preview no longer shows up at all when this glitch happens. It's like iOS 11.3 is doing everything it's supposed, except the flash and preview image is happening "behind" the screen instead of as an overlay. You can see the difference between a normal screenshot and the buggy screenshot below.

The good news here — if you can call it that — is that it doesn't appear to be a permanent issue for those affected. In our experience, the bug is totally random and intermittent — we'll get flashes and previews on our screenshots for an extended period of time, then, out of nowhere, screenshots only show a thin, flash of light at the edges of the screen with no preview.

While there is no guaranteed fix as of now, there are some tricks you can try to get rid of this glitch. First, restart your iPhone, then attempt another screenshot. If the issue persists, you should force-restart your device. These methods usually solve small hiccups in iOS, but if this is a deep-rooted bug, you might have to wait for an official patch.

There doesn't seem to be much of an explanation for why this glitch is occurring. However, due to iOS 11's rocky year, it isn't too far-fetched to just chalk this up to buggy programming.

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Cover image by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks; GIFs by Justin Meyers/Gadget Hacks

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Strange I take screenshots like they are going out of style and I personally really looks the thumbnail.
That said, I do wish you could customize the delay, flash, etc.

Now, i've got this fun little bug! I've had iphones since the beginning and this is the first bug I have personally encourterned.

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