News: Group FaceTime Isn't Coming with iOS 12 After All

Group FaceTime Isn't Coming with iOS 12 After All

One of iOS 12's biggest attractions is Group FaceTime, which would allow up to 32 people to video chat together at the same time. It's quite the pitch, and many iOS users are excited to see in action. Unfortunately, Apple has confirmed that Group FaceTime won't be included with iOS 12 when it launches, leaving everyone to chat one-on-one just a little bit longer.

Apple didn't publicly announce the bad news in a traditional manner, however; Developers were the first to find out since Apple snuck the notice into the release notes of iOS 12 developer beta 7 on Monday, August 13. Of course, this news wasn't going to fly underneath the radar.

According to the excerpt in the beta release notes, Apple will be issuing Group FaceTime as part of a software update sometime later this fall. So now, not only do we not have an exact release date for iOS 12 as a whole, we can't be sure when Group FaceTime will be hitting iPhones either.

We could make some educated guesses, though; The public release of iOS 12 is expected to drop shortly after Apple's event in September, as major iOS releases always do, and "later this fall" likely means no later than November 30 for Group FaceTime.

In the meantime, there are plenty of other new features worth downloading iOS 12 for. Grouped notifications, new Animoji, a way to measure real-world objects with your iPhone, and Siri Shorcuts are just a few of the excellent changes coming to your iPhone this September.

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