News: 51 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Install iOS 12 on Your iPhone Yet

51 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Install iOS 12 on Your iPhone Yet

This year's big iPhone update, iOS 12, aims to solve many of the issues that arose during iOS 11's controversial, buggy tenure. With that in mind, it may be tempting to jump on board the new software immediately and leave iOS 11 in the dust for good. Here are some reasons why you might want to reconsider joining the iOS 12 beta.

Should you switch to the iOS 12 beta, which is only available for developers right now, you might run into more issues than iOS 11 has as a whole. Bugs, glitches, compatibility issues, and other drawbacks. That's because this is the first beta release of iOS 12, so it has a lot of work to live up to Apple's hopes of a smooth-running mobile OS like back in the days.

Now, these qualms aren't to say that iOS 12 is necessarily bad or that it won't surpass iOS 11 as the superior operating system. However, updating your iPhone can be a big change and can be a hassle to undo unless you've taken the proper precautions. So before you decide to bite the bullet and update your iPhone, make sure to check out all the problems below first.

1. The Volume HUD Is Still Garbage

We're upset, too. While we all hoped Apple would work to simplify and minimize the volume HUD, the classic big box is still here to block our screens while changing our iPhone's volume in some instances.

2. Notifications Are Hit & Miss

The iOS community held a collective celebration when it was announced that iOS 12 would bring notification grouping back to iPhones and iPads. When it works, the new system really cleans up the notification center, allowing you to focus on messages and alerts on an app-by-app basis.

The problem is, it doesn't always work. We've had conflicting experiences here, especially with third-party apps. Apple's native apps seem to work more frequently than, say, Facebook Messenger, but both suffer from grouping failure. When and why it works when it does is a mystery, one that will hopefully be solved and smoothed over by beta 2.

3. The Siri Shortcuts App Isn't Available Yet

While Siri shortcuts look awesome, Apple hasn't included the "Shortcuts" app with beta 1 on iOS 12. While you'll find Siri shortcuts as you play with the new software, you won't have the option to create totally custom shortcuts just yet. That's a huge bummer, considering it's one of the features we were looking forward to trying out.

If Siri shortcuts interested you, consider checking out Workflow in the meantime.

4. Your iPhone Could Freeze Up at Any Time

In our short experience on the beta, we've already seen three iPhones freeze up without warning. Your iPhone can get stuck on the spinning wheel screen for upwards of 10 minutes before fixing itself. We aren't sure what causes this yet, but in two cases, AirDropping documents triggered the freeze up.

5. We're Only on the Beta

Look, beta testing can be fun. You get new features before anyone else, and you get to help Apple fix any bugs or glitches before the operating system goes out to the public. Of course, that last bit is why betas can be less than ideal.

Not all betas are equal, but more often than not, you're going to run into bugs. Some might be innocuous, like an app crash here or there or a behavior you weren't expecting. Others, however, can be persistent, widespread nuisances that dramatically reduce the usability of your iPhone.

If you're someone who doesn't want to deal with temperamental software issues, the beta just isn't for you. You're better off waiting for the official release of iOS 12 this September.

6. The 'Maps Nearby' Widget Is Broken

According to Apple's iOS 12 release notes, "the 'Maps Nearby' widget buttons don't launch the Maps app." If you're someone who uses this widget feature, you might lose some functionality by downloading iOS 12.

7. iWork Documents Might Crash Your Device

iWork documents in Pages, Keynote, and Numbers might not mix well with your iPhone or iPad on iOS 12. Apple told developers that sharing these documents via AirDrop or the Files app could cause the device to become unresponsive. The "workaround" is rebooting the device. That's a hassle.

8. Time Zones Might Not Update Automatically

If you want your time zones to be accurate when traveling, make sure to set the time zone manually. You'll find this option in Settings –> General –> Date & Time. Make sure "Set Automatically" is disabled.

9. Skype Might Not Work

Apple claims Skype might unexpectedly quit on iOS 12. If you're an avid Skyper, you might want to wait until this bug is ironed out.

10. EA Games Don't Run Well on iOS 12

Some EA games might quit unexpectedly on devices running iOS 12. Apple names "Real Racing 3" and "Sims Free Play" as two examples, so the problem might not be too widespread.

11. Bank of America Users Can't Check Their Money

The iOS 12 release notes claim "Some users might be unable to log in to or view account information in the Bank of America app." That might be a dealbreaker for BOA customers — you need your money more than you need iOS 12.

12. Citi Mobile's Broken Too

Citi customers might want to follow their fellow Bank of America users' lead on this one.

13. VoiceOver Doesn't Play Nice with Calendar

Your newly made calendar events might be unavailable to VoiceOver, according to Apple. That's certainly a consideration if you rely on VoiceOver in the Calendar app.

14. The Route Map for a Workout Might Be Unavailable

Checking out your route after a walk or jog is a fulfilling way to track your fitness. Unfortunately, your map might not present itself in iOS 12's Activity app.

15. Apple Pay on Mac Is Whack

If you have a Mac with a Touch Bar, and thus a Mac with Touch ID, this problem doesn't apply to you. However, all other Mac users beware: When an Apple Pay payment sheet appears in Safari on a Mac without Touch ID, you won't be able to confirm the payment if your iPhone or Apple Watch display is off.

Apple does point to obvious workaround: Wake your iPhone or Apple Watch display before reattempting the purchase.

16. No Alarms with CarPlay

Don't even think about using alarms in your car if it uses CarPlay — Apple has made it clear iOS 12's alarms do not work with CarPlay at this time. Better off waiting for a patch for this bug if you use alarms in the car.

17. Glitchy Keyboards

In some apps, you might experience overlapping keyboard suggestions. Whether you use these suggestions or not, this bug makes your keyboard cluttered and ugly. If you encounter this glitch, close and relaunch the app or document you were typing in.

18. Don't Count on Your Personal Hotspot

Apple warns users that Personal Hotspot might be unavailable while running iOS 12. That's bad news for anyone (like me) who regularly relies on their personal hotspot for internet access on other devices.

19. Group FaceTime Is Not for Everyone

While group FaceTime might be one of iOS 12's most exciting features, it won't be available on all devices running the beta. Apparently, only iPhone 7 and later is currently compatible with group FaceTime, while the feature isn't available at all on iPad. Let's hope that gets ironed out by beta 2.

20. And Neither Are Camera Effects in Messages & FaceTime

While more iPhones get access to Camera Effects in Messages, the list is still limited. Only iPhone SE and iPhone 6s and later can use the new effects, while, once again, no iPad can at all. For Camera Effects in FaceTime, the list is the same as group FaceTime — only iPhone 7 and later. No iPads. You get the drill.

21. Text Overlays Might Be Invisible in Group FaceTime

If you're going to try group FaceTime, prepare to encounter invisible text overlays. To make them reappear, you'll need to move the preview window downward, according to Apple.

22. Adding a Friend to a Group FaceTime Call Might Not Work

Apple boasts you can have up to 32 people join a group FaceTime call at once. However, in the iOS 12 beta, adding new participants might not work. So much for maxing out a FaceTime call.

23. iPads Don't Send Video During a FaceTime Call

Why would the recipient want to see you during a FaceTime call anyway? This issue applies to the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, second-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and sixth-generation iPad.

24. T-Mobile Might Drop Your Call

If you use Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile, you'll want to be careful. Apple claims your call could be dropped when moving from a Wi-Fi connection to cellular one. Why this issue only pertains to T-Mobile isn't known.

25. Voicemail Notifications Aren't Reliable

If you choose to download the iOS 12 beta, make sure you frequently check your voicemail. Apple cautions voicemail notifications might be inconsistent and might not appear when your iPhone is locked. You're better off checking your voicemail manually rather than relying on notifications for a while.

26. Calls on Other Devices Doesn't Work

Calls on other devices using your carrier account feature is not available with the iOS 12 beta. Handoff calls, however, still work on iOS 12, even with devices that are not running the beta.

27. Call Forwarding Might Be Unavailable as Well

Apple claims users might not be able to configure call forwarding while running the iOS 12 beta. With no sign of how soon this issue will be fixed, call-forwarding users might need to hold off on downloading the beta.

28. Wi-Fi Calling Might Be Disabled After Updating

Calls don't appear to be iOS 12's forte. Check your Wi-Fi Calling status — Apple warns this feature could be disabled after updating. Luckily, the fix is quick: Switch Wi-Fi Calling back on in Settings –> Phone.

29. Search Results in Photos Might Not Be Available

If you don't use English as your iPhone's set language, search results might be unavailable for you in Photos. Perhaps Apple hasn't gotten around to fully testing the feature in other languages. Nevertheless, this bug might be a bit annoying on non-English iPhones.

30. PDFs in Safari Are a Bit Wacky

If you view a PDF in Safari, then rotate your device, that might prevent the PDF from scrolling or maximizing itself in the layout. Keep an eye out when viewing PDFs in Apple's stock web browser.

31. App Usage Data in Screen Time Remains After Deleting the App

iOS 12 won't let you forget apps you try to delete. As of now, those app's logs remain in Screen Time, so you'll see your usage data even days after deleting the app. At least this bug confirms Apple wants to delete this data from Screen Time when a corresponding app is deleted.

32. Screen Time Settings Don't Sync Between Devices

Your Screen Time settings won't change on your iPad just because you changed them on your iPhone. That will come later. However, usage data still syncs. That's arguably more important anyway.

33. 'Picked Up iPhone' Data Can Be Skewed by Other Devices

If you have multiple iPhones on one iCloud account, your "Picked Up iPhone" data can be skewed, since you'll confuse Screen Time into thinking that data from each device counts as one iPhone. No word on how that'll affect future updates when this issue is fixed.

34. Your Kid's Website Usage Won't Show Up on Your Screen Time Report

While Screen Time lets you view your child's iPhone activity, iOS 12 ships with a bug that stops you from viewing their website usage. No word on why this problem exists, however, this data might appear on your child's iPhone. If you need to check in on their browsing habits, just ask to see their Screen Time report instead.

35. You Might Not See Your Child's Usage Data at All

Apple warns that your child's iCloud account might not report usage data back to your device, defeating the entire purpose of Screen Time for parents. No workaround is listed for this issue.

36. Downtime's Always-Allowed Defaults Won't Be Allowed

That might sound a bit confusing — Downtime is a new feature that "Do Not Disturbs" your entire iPhone for you. You get to pick and choose which apps you're allowed to use during Downtime, called "Always Allowed," with iOS offering a suite of default apps at the start. These defaults won't be allowed in the iOS 12 beta until you've tapped Settings –> Screen Time –> Always Allowed to refresh the list of apps.

37. You Might Receive Multiple Weekly Screen Time Report Notifications

Your weekly reports might come once a week, but iOS 12 feels the need to send you multiple notifications when it does.

38. Apps & Websites Might Be Disabled After Screen Time Is Disabled

Screen Time gives you the option to block certain apps and websites from use, for both you and your child. Unfortunately, it seems a bug in iOS 12 keeps apps and websites blocked even after disabling Screen Time as a whole.

Apple's language here implies this isn't a persistent issue, however, so you might not run into it yourself. If you do, tap the "Ignore Limit" button and select "Remind Me" or "Ignore."

39. Modifying Time for an App Limit Overwrites Customized Days

With Screen Time and App Limits, iOS lets you set different time limits for each day. If you want to give more app time to Instagram on Saturdays, for example, you can set that here.

Unfortunately, this bug wipes out those customized days once you modify time for an app or category. That's enough for us to recommend you not bother with customized days until this bug is patched, because your hard work will be for nothing after one changed time.

40. Alphanumeric Passcodes Might Break Screen Time

When setting a passcode for Screen Time, Apple implores you to only use numbers. Otherwise, it might be impossible the enter the passcode when trying to access the feature. Why this issue exists, Apple doesn't say. But we'll take their word for it.

41. Don't Ask Siri Where Your Stuff Is

Apple alerts users that in iOS 12, Siri might give "unexpected responses" to "Where is my ... ?" questions. Again, "might" does not mean this issue will happen every time, but don't expect Siri to locate your iPad each time you ask.

42. Messages Might Not Launch When Tapping on Message Content in Siri

When sending a text to a friend with Siri, it can be convenient to tap the message UI presented on-screen to jump into the conversation in Messages. In iOS 12, that might not happen. Apple doesn't specify what happens when this issue occurs, just that the Messages app doesn't load up. If this happens to you, Apple recommends you simply exit Siri, then open Messages manually.

43. Siri Shortcuts Might Not Work for PDFs

Siri shortcuts are an exciting new iOS 12 feature. However, they might not work for PDF images. Apple's "workaround" is to use another image format, so you might want to steer clear of shortcuts to PDFs until this issue is patched.

44. Voice Memos Don't Sync to iTunes

For all the hullabaloo about Voice Memos coming to Mac, iOS 12 doesn't want to cooperate with your MacBook or iMac. Voice Memos apparently do not sync with iTunes yet, so you'll need to make sure you've properly backed those files up if you want them safe on this beta.

45. Apps Aren't Optimized Yet

App developers design their apps to work with the system your iPhone is running. With a new, major update, those apps need to be optimized to run on the new software, otherwise performance will be less than ideal, to say the least.

While developers gain access to the iOS 12 beta, not all of your favorite apps may be optimized in a timely fashion. You can almost count on their being issues with those apps on top of any problems you encounter from the beta itself.

46. Gmail's Notification Badge Remains After Checking Email

Notification badges quickly let us know we have unread or unattended content in certain apps. Once you view that content, the badge intuitively disappears. That's not the case for Gmail in iOS 12, as the notification badge remains after viewing new email. According to a MacRumors thread, force-quitting and relaunching Gmail is the only way to remove the notification badge at this moment.

47. The Measure App Might Be in a Random Folder

Measure is an awesome new tool that uses AR to measure real-world objects. However, you might have trouble finding the app, since occasionally iOS will hide it in a random folder. If Measure does not appear for you on the home screen, swipe down and search for it with Search.

48. Dictionary Is Unavailable

If you try to find the definition of a word, either in a Search or using "Look Up" on selected text, you might not find one from Apple. While Siri Suggestions will offer you websites and other content related to your search, Dictionary may be totally unavailable on iOS 12. Not all users experience this, though.

49. Clash Royale Lags When You Lower Brightness All the Way (iPhone X Only)

iPhone X doesn't seem to run Clash Royale well on iOS 12, at least with the brightness all the way down. If you need to play the game in the dark, consider keeping the brightness just shy of zero, otherwise you'll hand your opponent a big, laggy advantage.

50. Fortnite Crashes When Starting a New Game

AAA games on iOS 12 aren't looking too good. Fortnite reportedly crashes when starting up a new game. If you're an avid Fortnite player on iPhone, you might want to reconsider downloading iOS 12.

51. A Laundry List of Developer Issues

iOS 12's release notes contain an overflowing compendium of issues pertaining to developers. While developing apps for iOS 12 might be worth dealing with these bugs, you should know what can and will be thrown your way in the process:

  • When deploying apps to iOS 11 or earlier, JPEG image assets are not included in the compiled .car file.
  • Universal Links might not open the expected target app. Please submit a bug report if you experience this problem.
  • Platform Switching for Switch Control is unavailable in iOS 12 beta.
  • Sysdiagnose initiation via the Analytics menu item in AssistiveTouch and Switch Control is currently unavailable.
  • Signing into a previously-used sandbox account during the In-App Purchase flow might produce unexpected results. Workaround: Sign in using the Settings –> App Store –> Sandbox Account menu.
  • Certain USDZ models loaded in Safari might not render thumbnail images.
  • To enable CallKit extensions, it might be necessary to quit and relaunch Phone, Messages, or Settings apps.
  • Various CoreGraphics calls have been hardened against continuing with invalid parameters. In iOS 12 beta, these calls may now return NULL or return early.
  • When layers are quantized <8-bits or with a lookup-table, users may encounter issues in deconvolution and recurrent layers. Workaround: Use only linear 8-bit quantization on these layers.
  • Models with flexible input sizes may unexpectedly reject an input using the default size displayed in Xcode's type field. Workaround: Supply a non-default size input on first prediction call.
  • Certain languages may exhibit clipped or misaligned layout.
  • Certain languages may display unlocalized text.
  • When a queueTransaction is performed on applicationQueuePlayer to modify the position of a song, the queue returns unchanged.
  • A song cannot be added to a playlist using the addItemWithProductID API.
  • In .obj models, the bump semantics in .mtl files don't map to MDLMaterialSemanticTangentSpaceNormal. Workaround: Use MDLMaterialSemanticBump instead.
  • The NSURLSession HTTP/2 implementation has been updated to supportHTTP/2 connection reuse per RFC 7540 Section 9.1.1. This requires an HTTP/2 server to present a certificate which covers more than one server hostname. The certificate may use the Subject Alternative Name extension or wild-carded domain names. In addition, NSURLSession requires name resolution to resolve the different hostnames to the same IP address. NSURLSession may reuse HTTP/2 connections across different domain names when these conditions are satisfied.
  • FTP and File URL schemes for Proxy Automatic Configuration (PAC) are deprecated. HTTP and HTTPS are the only supported URL schemes for PAC. This affects all PAC configurations including, but not limited to, configurations set via Settings, System Preferences, profiles, and URLSession APIs such as URLSessionConfiguration.connectionProxyDictionary, and CFNetworkExecuteProxyAutoConfigurationURL().
  • There is no default icon for RPBroadcastPickerView. Workaround: Add an image or label as a subview to RPBroadcastPickerView.
  • Broadcasting will be enabled in a future release.
  • Viewing Wallet passes in SFSafariViewController might be unavailable. Workaround: View the pass in Safari.
  • In Swift, the shortcut property of INVoiceShortcut must be accessed as _ _shortcut.
  • Assigning a value to a parameter which begins with a captial letter throws NSUnknownKeyException. Workaround: Start the parameter name with a lowercase letter.
  • When performing a shortcut in Siri, custom responses won't be included in the confirmation dialog text which Siri reads.
  • Presenting a UIImagePickerController might cause the app to be terminated with a privacy violation if the app does not include the NSMicrophoneUsageDescription key in its Info.plist. Workaround: Add the NSMicrophoneUsageDescription key to the application's Info.plist.

So, Should You Download iOS 12?

Look, hopping on any beta is a gamble, and iOS 12 is no exception. While this initial release is littered with bugs, it has plenty of upsides as well. You might think the new features are the main attraction here, but many simply praise Apple for iOS 12's speediness, especially on older hardware. If you're prepared to face a few bugs, you might end up liking your beta experience this go around.

Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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