News: The 5 Best Reddit Apps for iPhone

The 5 Best Reddit Apps for iPhone

These days, using Reddit on your iPhone is just as good, if not better, than Redditing on a desktop browser. While there's an official Reddit app for iOS, there are plenty of third-party clients that have similar features as well as custom perks to enhance the experience. But figuring out which Reddit client is best for your daily use can be a lot of work — work that we can make easier on you.

While blindly searching "Reddit" on the App Store can yield an overwhelming number of results, we've tested the majority of them and whittled the list of best Reddit apps down to five stellar choices you should know about. These are the finest apps for browsing, commenting, messaging, and chatting on Reddit with your iPhone, clients that also have some impressive customization options.

Some of the options listed below are totally free, while others require an in-app purchase to take advantage of all cool features available for your Redditing needs. Either way, they're all free to download and use right away, as we didn't include any that charged outright to use the app.

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Comparison Chart

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Key Comparison Points

  • Price for Paid Version: The price you need to pay to access exclusive features, eliminate ads, etc.
  • Ads in Free Version: Does the app in question include ads in its free version?
  • Themes: A theme dictates how an app's interface looks. We highlight how many themes each app offers to choose from. Many simply include a light or dark mode.
  • Auto Dark Mode: Auto dark mode is a setting that will automatically change the app's theme from light to dark, depending on screen brightness or time of day.
  • OLED Night Mode: Pure black dark mode. Perfect for OLED displays, where the pixels turn off when displaying the color black.
  • History: Does the app in question record your activity history? This is important if you ever want to recall something later and can't find it.
  • Subreddit Navigation: What we're looking at here is how you go from one subreddit to another. Every app lets you search for subreddits, and most others have dedicated tabs to locate subreddits. One app, in particular, has a tab for subreddits, but it's not a dedicated one. That would be Apollo, but it also is the only app that has a convenient drop-down to access subreddits more quickly.
  • Reorder Subreddit List: Whether or not the app allows you to order your list of subreddits. Some lock the list alphabetically. Some only let you reorder your list of favorite subreddits.
  • Remember Sorting Preferences: Does the app remember if you sorted the front page of Reddit or a subreddit by "Best," "Hot," or another ranking?
  • Multiple Accounts: Apps should allow you to sign in to multiple accounts at once, for fast-switching.
  • Customizable Gestures: Some apps let you customize the way their gestures work. You choose what action takes place when swiping left or right, how sensitive those triggers are, etc.
  • Comment Color Themes: A feature that makes comment threads easy to follow with colorful lines indicating different levels of said thread.
  • GIF Scrubbing: This feature lets you fast-forward or rewind any GIF.
  • Hide Read Posts: Automatically hides posts that you read from your feed.
  • Data Usage Controls: Any feature or features that limit the amount of data the app consumes.
  • Options for Opening Links: Some apps allow you to choose how links open. For example, you can choose between the app's in-app browser, Safari, or Chrome.
  • Submitting Posts: Believe it or not, not all Reddit apps include submitting posts as a free feature.
  • Peek Media: Whether or not you can use 3D Touch to view media without opening the post.
  • Peek Links: Whether or not you can use 3D Touch to view links without opening them.
  • Peek Comments: Whether or not you can use 3D Touch to view comments without opening the post.
  • Filter Keywords: Some of these apps allow you to block certain keywords while browsing Reddit.
  • Filter Users: Some apps allow you to exclude certain users while browsing Reddit, which comes in handy if you've got some beef with someone or don't like their shares.
  • Filter Domains: Somes apps let you filter out specific domains while browsing Reddit, in case you hate the content from one or hundreds of sites in particular.
  • Filter Subreddits: Almost all the apps let you filter out subreddits while browsing Reddit.
  • Block Users: Does the app allow you to block users from contacting you? This is the next step up from filtering them out.
  • Default Subreddits to Load: This feature lets you choose a subreddit to load when launching the app, which is great if you only really care about one subreddit.
  • Display Flair: In certain subreddits, when you submit a post, you can attach flair such as "Important" or "Question" to help categorize it for easier browsing. Also, in certain subreddits, you can share off flair next to your name every time you post or comment, such as your favorite team name or the smartphone you use. Some flair can be image-based instead of just text, but none of the apps in our list support images. However, all of them support user and/or post text flair. Some may also show background colors for text flair.
  • Edit User Flair: If you want to add or edit the flair attached to your user profile for a subreddit, some apps let you do it, some don't. Some that do force you to do so in an in-app browser, which is not entirely convenient.
  • Trending Subs: Does the app shows subreddits that are trending across Reddit?
  • Large/Small Thumbnails: Sometimes image thumbnails for posts can get in the way. Other times they can be too hard to see. Some of the apps on this list let you control the size of these when browsing.
  • View by Rising: Does the app allow you to view posts by "Rising." Rising is where all the warm to getting hot posts are, the ones more likely to make it into the "Hot" section.
  • Random Subreddits: You won't know what you're missing out on if you don't even know it exists. A few of these apps help you find interesting subreddits by giving you a way to view random ones.
  • View Sidebar: This feature simply lets you view the sidebar for a subreddit. As it turns out, all of these apps are great at this.
  • Multireddit Support: Multireddits are groups of subreddits. You can add subreddits to a multireddit without needing to subscribe to said subreddit. All but one of these apps supports this feature.
  • Chat Support: Reddit Chat is a relatively new feature that allows you to chat with members of subreddits, as well as engage in one-on-one chats. So it's no surprise that only one app, the official app, lets you do this right now.
  • Tag Users: Does the app allow you to tag users in comments? You'd think this would be a necessary component for any good Reddit client, but this is actually a rarity.
  • User-Selectable Icons: This iOS feature allows you to choose a new icon for the app to replace its stock icon. Some apps include this as a paid feature, others include it for free. Most don't have this feature at all, however.
  • Biometric or Passcode Authentication: Can you lock the app behind Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode?
  • Haptic Feedback: Does the app use haptic feedback to give the experience an extra level of depth?

How We Chose These Apps

As you can probably tell, our picks in this list for best Reddit clients for iPhone are completely different than our picks for Android devices. Mostly, that's because the ones for Android either aren't available on iOS, aren't as good as their Android counterparts, or aren't fully developed yet (Sync, we're looking at you). Plus, there are some pretty nice ones available for iPhone that aren't on Android.

All the apps on this list are free to use. While some will have in-app purchases to get more features, the basic usage must be free to use, period. Sometimes that means dealing with ads, but ads don't restrict people from using an app like money does. We do cover some of the paid features, and in Apollo's case, those helped it jump ahead of Narwhal by just a little bit. It's better to offer more features overall than to omit them, even if you pay for some of them.

Also, you may have noticed Antenna is out in the cold. While we had liked Antenna previously, during our tests, it had some serious loading issues. It may appear on this list in the future, but for now, all the apps had to be in good working order on iOS 12 to make our top five — even if their last updates were over a year ago.

1. Apollo for Reddit

If you ask Reddit power users what their favorite Reddit app for iPhone is, chances are they'll say Apollo. Designed by a former Apple employee, Apollo was created to emulate a stock iOS app for a more natural experience. The app is a joy to use, with aesthetics and features that will finally get you to stop browsing Reddit on your computer.

While you can download Apollo for free, accessing some key features will cost you. Pro starts at $2.99 and includes a handful of excellent features for the money (we'll dive into these features in this section), including post submissions, support for multiple accounts, auto dark mode, user-selectable icons, biometric or passcode authentication, customizable gestures, keyword filters, comment color themes, GIF scrubbing, and using one subreddit as your default homepage.

Apollo also features a separate pricing tier called "Ultra," offered at a monthly subscription of $0.99, $9.99 yearly, or a lifetime payment of $24.99, that comes with real-time notifications, app themes, and a new app icon every month that you can choose.


In both free and paid versions, Apollo doesn't save your activity history. Subreddit navigation is a bit inconveniently placed in the "Posts" tab, which also acts as a back button of sorts; When you're reading a post, you tap "Posts" to go back to your last place in that post's subreddit, then "Posts" again to jump to the top of that subreddit, then "Posts" again to see all subreddits. We wish there was a dedicated tab for subreddits. However, when in any subreddit, you can tap that subreddit's name up top and choose from your "Favorites" or do a search.

You cannot reorder your subreddits list — it will always be displayed in alphabetical order, whether from the "Posts" tab or in the drop-down when in a subreddit. However, you can reorder your "Favorites" list, so subreddits here can be sorted to your liking.

That being said, Apollo will remember your sorting preferences. If you last sorted by "Best," Apollo will display best posts the next time you open the app. Same goes for "Hot," "Top," "New," "Rising," and "Controversial." This applies on the Home, News, and Popular pages and each Posts page in subreddits.

If you have a newer iPhone model with an OLED display, such as an iPhone X, XS, or XS Max, you get OLED night mode that takes advantage of the unlit, pure blacks that save battery in the long run. Unique to the Pro version, there's an auto dark mode, controlled either by sunrise and sunset or based on your screen brightness.

You can't talk Apollo without gushing over its UI. With an Ultra subscription, the app offers 16 different color combinations, so you're bound to find one that suits you. The default blue theme, however, is just fine for if you don't want to pay for a subscription, and it looks great whether in light, dark, or pure black mode.

User Experience

While Apollo won't hide your read posts in the free or paid version, there is a low data mode for more conservative cellular data usage. You'll also find a full variety of options for opening links, including the in-app browser, Safari, and Chrome.

The rest of the user experience features are all missing from the free version, requiring Apollo Pro. This includes letting you switch between any Reddit accounts you may have. Also, you can customize gestures to your liking, controlling what left and right, short and long swipes do, in regards to posts, comments, direct messages in your inbox, profile posts, and profile comments.

Comment color themes are unique to Apollo Pro, and one of its shining achievements. While simple, color comment themes offer an easy-to-follow color map in comment threads. You can choose the color theme from one of six options, each with its own defining style.

Another defining Apollo Pro feature is GIF scrubbing, which adds a playback bar to every GIF you load while browsing. Using one finger, you can quickly fast forward or rewind moments in your GIF at any time. GIF scrubbing is so good that you'll wish all your apps had this feature.


If you have a 3D Touch-enabled iPhone, you can happily peek media, links, and comments with the free or paid version of Apollo.

While many pro features make sense, submitting posts is a bit of a head-scratcher. GIF scrubbing and color comment themes are worth the $2.99 entry fee, but submitting posts is as integral a feature to Reddit as browsing itself. That's why we see it as a free option in every other app on this list. Nevertheless, if you go pro, you'll have access to submitting as many posts as Reddit allows.


If you use the free version of Apollo, you'll have access to filtering users and subreddits out of your searches and browsing. When you get Apollo Pro, you get that and the ability to filter out keywords. However, Apollo does not support filtering out domains, unfortunately, for either tier.

Reddit Features

While bells and whistles are indeed welcome, a Reddit app still needs to be, well, Reddit. Luckily, Apollo features the most "Reddit" features of any app on this list, missing just one highlight in total.

For the free and paid versions of Apollo, gives you access to trending subreddits, as well as large and small thumbnails. While you can't edit your flair for a subreddit with either Apollo version, you can view flair for users and posts, in general. Apollo is also the only app that lets you outright block users.

Additionally, you can view posts by "Rising," something one app on this list, in particular, is noticeably missing. The app includes a button to take you to random subreddits, the only app on this list to do so. Apollo supports viewing subreddit sidebars, as well as multireddits. But there is no chat support, sadly, and only one app in this list has that feature (more on that later).

You can tag other users in comments, with the free or Pro version. To make it even easier, Apollo adds a tagging tool in the comment editor, meaning a tag is just a tap away.

The only Pro feature to bring up here is that you can set a default subreddit to load as your homepage. It's not a major feature unless you only view Reddit for one particular subreddit.

iOS Features

Apollo supports haptic feedback for both free and paid versions. It's nice to feel your upvotes!

As for Pro-only features, you have access to user-selectable app icons. These include 29 fun, colorful, and unique icons to choose from, to keep your home screen interesting and personal. Ultra users, on the other hand, receive one additional app icon a month. These icons are specifically designed by contributing artists, giving Ultra icons a much different feel from the Pro suite.

Pro users also can protect their apps from intruders using either biometric or passcode authentication. Apollo Pro supports both Face ID and Touch ID, so long as you have an iPhone 5S or later, you can add an extra level of protection to your Redditing.

In short, Apollo is arguably the best option for users looking to Reddit on iPhone, whether or not they want to pay. If you choose to pay, however, Apollo simply cannot be matched. Its suite of exclusive Pro and Ultra features makes it a true force to be reckoned with.

2. Narwhal for Reddit

Narwhal is a long favorite for Redditing on iOS. While it may not feel quite so modern these days, Narwhal is still excellent at exactly what it needs to be — letting you use Reddit on your iPhone.

One of the reasons Narwhal is so great is because it's basically free. There aren't any features locked away behind a paywall. While there is a "pro" version going for $3.99, it just eliminates ads, as well as supports the app's development team.


Narwhal isn't about visual customization. While Apollo Ultra offers 16 unique color theme combinations, Narwhal just offers light or dark modes, conveniently switched by tapping the Narwhal icon in the top left. As it stands, Narwhal-light looks remarkably like "old" Reddit, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

While there is no auto dark mode, Narwhal does offer OLED night mode, so your iPhone X, XS, or XS Max will be happy with less battery drain while browsing. Narwhal also records your activity history, so you can keep track of your searches and recently visited subreddits.

Narwhal has a dedicated side menu for your list of subreddits and allows you to reorder those subreddits to your liking. If you dive into the settings, you can choose how you'd like your homepage or a subreddit's Posts page to be sorted ("New," "Best," etc.). Narwhal remembers that choice, so your posts will be sorted the same way every time you open the app.

User Experience

Like Apollo, Narwhal lets you add all of your Reddit accounts to the app. However, it offers a limited amount of gesture customization. Gesture controls are fixed, but you get to customize the sensitivity required to trigger deeper swipe controls. There's no comment color themes or GIF scrubbing, but you can choose to automatically hide read posts to keep clutter down. Narwhal has limited data usage controls, and it only allows for links to open in-app or in Safari.


Refreshingly, Narwhal doesn't add a paywall for submitting posts. Feel free to post text, links, or other media to your favorite subreddits. Like Apollo, you can peek media and links with a 3D Touch-compatible iPhone. Also, you can enable viewing comments in link and media peeking via the advances preferences. Interesting enough, you can also set 3D Touch to mark a post as read.


Narwhal allows you to filter out keywords and subreddits, but not users or domains. Still, you won't need to see any content from subreddits or keywords you dislike.

Reddit Features

While you can't block users in Narwhal, the app does allow you to choose a default subreddit to load. As for flair, you can view user flair only, not posts flair, and you can only add flair to your profile in a subreddit via the in-app browser, a less-than-convenient option, but an option nonetheless. In Narwhal, you can view trending subs, large and small thumbnails, and rising posts.

Narwhal does include a random subreddit function, so you can browse as haphazardly as you can with Apollo. You can view the sidebar for any subreddit, and you'll find full support for multireddits. Sadly, no chat support here, but that's no surprise since it's a relatively new Reddit feature. You also cannot tag users in comments; You can type out their name, but there's no function inside Narwhal to tag the user in question.

iOS Features

Narwhal developers have done something unusual here, giving you access to Narwhal's "X" interchangeable icons, utterly free of charge. We see most apps that offer the feature do so behind a paywall, Apollo included, so it's a plus that Narwhal supports the function without cost.

You can also protect your data with biometric or passcode authentication. However, there is no haptic feedback, something that does feel a little lacking in any iOS app these days.

3. Beam for Reddit

Beam for Reddit is a special app. For one, its developers have opted to create the app free of charge. Entirely free. No pro options, no ad-unlocking. In fact, there are no ads at all. The devs support the app entirely based on user donations, which is commendable, to say the least. We're not knocking apps for charging, but it's worth highlighting an app that puts such an effort towards its audience.


Like Narwhal, Beam doesn't offer any fancy themes or colors. You'll find a simple choice between light or dark modes. You won't need to manage those modes, if you don't want to, since Beam offers auto dark mode based on screen brightness. However, there is no OLED night mode, so you can't browse Reddit with those inky black backgrounds.

Beam tracks your history, so you can see what subreddits you recently visited. It also offers easy subreddit access via a dedicated subreddit tab at the bottom of the display. Unfortunately, you can't adjust the order of your subreddits here, so you'll consistently see your subscriptions from A to Z.

The app will remember your post sorting preferences, however. The next time you open the app, it will sort your home page by "Best," if that's what you selected last time. Same for subreddits in general.

User Experience

You can add multiple accounts to Beam., but the app is missing a few other user-experience features found in other apps we've highlighted. For example, there are no customizable gestures, no comment color themes, no GIF scrubbing, no data usage controls, and Beam can't hide read posts automatically. That being said, the app does give a variety of options for opening links, including in-app, in Safari, and in Chrome. You can even choose to open YouTube links in the app or in your YouTube app.


Beam, like Narwhal, checks every box we'd expect for a Reddit app in terms of content. It allows for post submissions, free of charge, and offers those of you with 3D Touch-equipped iPhones the ability to peek media, links, and comments.


While Beam does allow users to filter out keywords and subreddits, it doesn't allow for filtering of users or domains, so you'll still see all the users and websites you hate show up in feeds.

Reddit Features

Beam is a bit hit-or-miss when it comes to implementing those features you'd expect for a complete Reddit experience. First of all, you can't block users, nor can you choose a default subreddit to load each time you fire up the app. You won't be able to edit your user flair in subreddits, but you can view user flair in general. As for posts flair, there's no support. You also don't get access to trending subs.

What you will find is support for small and large thumbnails alike, giving you UI options when scrolling through posts. You also can sort posts by "Rising," to see which ones are on the gaining popularity.

Missing is the ability to browse random subreddits, but you can view the sidebar for any subreddit you wish. While there is no chat support, if you use multireddits, you can browse and create multireddits to your liking. However, you'll find you cannot tag users in comments.

iOS Features

There are no user-selectable icons in Beam — what you see on your home screen is what you get, unless you want to take matters into your own hands. However, like our previous two apps, Beam does include biometric and passcode authentication, as well as support for haptic feedback on compatible iPhones.

4. BaconReader for Reddit

BaconReader isn't quite as aesthetically polished as Apollo, Narwhal, or Beam. However, that doesn't mean it should be dismissed. BaconReader is still a formidable Reddit client, one of the best ones to gain mainstream attention first, and it's totally free of charge. Of course, anyone can upgrade to the "pro" version for the $1.99 cover charge, but this simply gets rid of the ads.


BaconReader, like Beam, goes for simplicity with its user interface. No crazy themes, just light or dark modes to choose from. Unfortunately, you'll be manually choosing your theme, as BaconReader does not offer auto dark mode. It does, however, include an OLED night mode, perfect for iPhone X models or any user who prefers that type of dark mode.

BaconReader does keep track of your history for you, and it includes your list of subreddits in an individual tab. You can reorder this list however you like, so you aren't confined to an alphabetical listing. Unfortunately, BaconReader won't remember your sorting preferences for posts, so your homepage and subreddits will always be sorted by "Best."

User Experience

BaconReader supports multiple accounts in-app, so you can keep track of all of your alternative Reddit identities. Customizable gestures are limited, and there are no comment color themes or GIF scrubbing. The app will hide your posts automatically, however, if you choose.

Like customizable gestures, data usage controls are limited here. Sadly, the only option for opening links is via the in-app browser. However, when you open up the link, you can tap the Safari icon to open it in Safari. If you want to open links in Safari or Chrome in one step, you're out of luck, unless you want to open the Reddit thread first, then tap on the link from there.


BaconReader lets you submit posts, whether or not you've paid for the pro version. However, 3D Touch features are more limited; While you can peek media, you can't peek links or comments. For that content, you'll just need to tap through the old-fashioned way.


BaconReader lets you filter out keywords and subreddits, but not users. On the plus side, it's the only app on this list that offers domain filtering, so you can block posts from any site that you wish.

Reddit Features

While BaconReader has many, many pluses, it does fall short on traditional Reddit features. You won't be able to block users, nor can you choose a default subreddit to load upon launching the app. For flair, you can only view user flair, not flair on posts, but you can edit your user flair for a subreddit.

There are no trending subs or options to choose between large and small thumbnails, but you can view posts by "Rising." You can't visit random subreddits, but you can view the sidebar in all subreddits, and multireddits are fully supported. No chat, of course, and you can't tag users, but not everything can be good news.

iOS Features

BaconReader doesn't offer much in terms of iOS-specific features. There are no user-selectable icons, no option to protect your data via biometric or passcode authentication, and no haptic feed. However, while this post does seem to end on BaconReaders faults, don't forget about its long list of advantages we covered above.

5. Reddit: Trending News

The official Reddit app labels itself as "Reddit: Trending News" on the App Store. Maybe that's because Reddit as a whole wants to be recognized as a reputable news aggregator, but that's besides the point. The app gets a fair bit of flack from Reddit fans who know that the official app has had a tumultuous and buggy life. That said, it's come a long way and can offer an excellent Redditing experience in many respects.

For one, the app is totally free, as you'd expect from its similarly-priced parent site. However, Reddit now allows you to sign up for "Reddit Premium." For $5.99 a month, you eliminate your ads and gain access to features originally reserved for Reddit gold users.


Reddit doesn't have quite as many themes as Apollo, but considering no other apps on this list have themes other than "light" or "dark," it's still a win. You have four "day" themes to choose from, in addition to dark mode. You can turn on auto dark mode to let the app change themes for you, and you can choose between a gray dark mode and an OLED night mode, depending on your preference.

Reddit records your history in the app, so you can view the subreddits you recently visited. It also gathers your subreddits in a dedicated tab, but it doesn't allow you to reorder your list — alphabetical is the only order. What makes up for the missing feature is that Reddit will remember your post sorting preferences, so your homepage and subreddits will be how you left them.

User Experience

Reddit supports multiple accounts, which makes sense. It would be a shame for the official app to block us from keeping more than one account on hand at once. However, you'll find the app is missing a lot of the features we've highlighted in this article for other apps; There are no customizable gestures, no comment color themes, no GIF scrubbing, no way to auto-hide read posts, and no data usage controls.

After going through the previous four apps, this can seem like a big downgrade, especially considering this app is official. However, Reddit does score some points for including three ways to open links — in-app, in Safari, and in Chrome.


Reddit lets you submit posts, which is no surprise. Peeking at media and comments are limited, however, since you only get to see a couple comments at once instead of dedicated windows for both comments and media. As for links, there's no peeking them.


Somewhat shockingly, Reddit doesn't allow you to filter anything in its app. No filtering out keywords, users, domains, or subreddits. If you want to block these things, you'll need to use another app or access the full site in a browser.

Reddit Features

You can't block users in Reddit, nor can you set a default subreddit to load when opening the app. Reddit will always open to the front page. As for flair, you can view both user and post flair, though for user flair, it doesn't show up when browsing, only on someone's actual post. You can also edit your user flair for any of your subreddits that have it.

Reddit does show trending subs, so you can keep up to date with what the community is interested in. It also offers large and small thumbnail support to give you options when browsing. You can't visit random subreddits, but you can view sidebars in any subreddits.

You can't sort by "Rising," however, which is perplexing. All other Reddit clients offer this seemingly integral feature — why doesn't the official app?

Unbelievably, there's no multireddit support in the official Reddit app. What Reddit offers instead is chat support. This lets you join chatrooms from various subreddits, as well as engage in one-on-one chats with other users. This is different than DMs, as chats are only available in the official Reddit app.

You can't tag users in comments, but hopefully that comes one day.

iOS Features

Reddit's sole iOS feature is its implementation of haptic feedback. Don't get us wrong, haptic feedback is great, especially in a Reddit app. However, we're missing user-selectable app icons. This feature is far underused, and it's a shame a company as large as Reddit doesn't offer a suite of unique apps, even for paying customers.

But user-selectable app icons is, as we said, underused. What is more frustrating is the lack of biometric or passcode authentication. Reddit should allow us to protect our accounts with these methods. Instead, the app sits on your home screen wide open.

While it's missing quite some features you'd expect from a Reddit app, not to mention the Reddit app, Reddit is still a fine choice if looking to keep up with the weird world of the internet. Its pluses can outweigh the bad, and it's future proof — any new features that Reddit implements as a whole should find their way to the app as well.

The Verdict

Overall, the official Reddit app is good enough if you're just getting started with Reddit or casual users. But if you've been using Reddit on a daily basis for a while and want to customize your experience, you're better off opting for one of the other apps on this list. The only real reason to stick with the official Reddit app is if you use the chat feature.

When it comes to customization, Apollo is by far the best option for iPhones. While many of the features do come with the Pro or Ultra versions, it's well worth the investment if you Reddit on a daily basis. Plus, compared to Beam, and BaconReader,

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