How To: You Can Rate U.S. Businesses in iOS 15's Apple Maps to Remember What You Liked

You Can Rate U.S. Businesses in iOS 15's Apple Maps to Remember What You Liked

One of the many great reasons to use Apple Maps is to find fun food options, chill cafes, enlightening museums, cute gift shops, and other interesting businesses that you might otherwise overlook, as well as must-see places of interest. But after a while, you might forget about some of these hidden gems. With iOS 15, it will no longer be an issue.

Apple finally includes a way for people in the U.S. to rate restaurants, shops, and other places directly in Maps. All you need to do is tap the spot's name on the map, then tap either the thumbs up or down button to rate it accordingly.

Any business or place of interest you rate, regardless of which rating you choose, ends up in your "Ratings" section, which you can find by tapping the new profile icon next to the search bar. This makes it easy to recall the places you love, like that awesome burrito joint you went to on a business trip a year ago or the Indian buffet on the other side of town you keep forgetting the name of.

This is a part of Apple Maps' Ratings and Photos initiative, which also lets you upload pictures of the places you visit, not just rate them. The feature is already live in parts of Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and India. With iOS 15, it's finally ready for the United States.

Actually, you'll notice in iOS 14 that there are settings for Ratings and Photos for Apple Maps, and that's because you can already use the feature in the regions listed above. However, there's no way to access all of your ratings like there is in iOS 15 since there's the new profile link. Ratings and photos are linked to your Apple ID, and it's the only data in Maps that is.

Ratings in the U.S. aren't fully live yet. While the Ratings section appears, the rating options don't yet. We expect Apple to add this feature in a future beta version of iOS 15.

Note: Apple's iOS 15 is currently in beta development. A public beta will be available in July, while the final release isn't expected until the fall of 2021. Anything shown in this guide may change or be removed during the development cycle.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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