How To: View App Usage Stats in Your iPhone's Multitasking Menu

View App Usage Stats in Your iPhone's Multitasking Menu

Those of you using iOS 7 probably know by now that swiping down on an app's preview screen in the multitasking menu does absolutely nothing. Swiping up force closes the app, but down is useless—unless you're jailbroken.

The tweak I'm going to show you today utilizes the currently non-existent swipe-down function in the app switcher to monitor app usage stats. First, make sure you jailbreak your iPhone, then download and install SlideforUsage from Cydia.

The only option for this tweak is to change the font color of the usage information, located in your stock Settings application.

Now when you pull down on a thumbnail in the app switcher, you'll be able to view Last Opened, Used For, and Total Duration. Also, pulling down the home screen will display the last time your device was rebooted.

Get more out of your device while also keeping track of how long you use certain apps.

For more awesome tweaks, check out our other Cydia Hacks for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and as always, let those comments rip below.

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