How To: Turn Off Your iPhone's Flashlight Faster (Without Using the Control Center)

Turn Off Your iPhone's Flashlight Faster (Without Using the Control Center)

If you're tired of fumbling with the Control Center every time you need to turn off your iPhone's LED flashlight, you'll be happy to know there's a faster way. Using a simple trick that was discovered by Redditor 49599066, you can actually toggle your flashlight off in less than a second in iOS 10 and higher.

The way it works is simple and very similar to the tricks that worked in older iOS versions. When your flashlight's on, just wake your iPhone and give it a short swipe to the left. This makes the phone think you're opening the camera, which automatically resets the state of the LED flash.

Turning off the flashlight with a quick swipe. Image by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

Of course, you don't want to fully swipe over to the left, as this would open the camera. So just move your thumb an inch or so, watch as the flashlight turns off, then let the lock screen snap back into place. And this goes without saying, but this trick won't work if you've disabled the camera on your lock screen.

However, if you have an iPhone X, you won't even need this trick since it has a flashlight button right on the lock screen. Apple, when are you going to slap that thing on other iPhone model lock screens?!

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Cover photo by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

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