How To: The Secret to Turning Your Flashlight Off Faster in iOS 7 on Your iPhone

The Secret to Turning Your Flashlight Off Faster in iOS 7 on Your iPhone

The days of D batteries and bulky Maglites are over thanks to that handy little device in your pocket called a smartphone. Everyone has one, and thanks to the Control Center in iOS 7, your iPhone now has an easy-to-access flashlight, no matter what screen you're on. Just swipe up from the bottom of your home, lock, or app screen and tap on the flashlight icon.

As easy and quick as this is, there's one problem.

If you're using the flashlight with the display off, it's not so quick to turn it off. You'd have to hit the Power button, slide up the Control Center on the lock screen, and tap on the flashlight. There is no other way to turn off the flashlight, or so you thought...

The next time you have your flashlight on with the screen off, hit the Power button and just tap on the camera icon in the bottom right. It will instantly shut off the flashlight.

It still may be a two-step process, but it's way better than three.

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This only works if you've set your lock screen time to be less than your typical flashlight usage time. Which seems odd. I would FAR rather do an extra step the once-per-week or so I use the flashlight than to enter my passcode 30 or 40 times per day because I have the time set so short.

Many people have the passcode lock set to immediately while auto lock times can vary. If the phone is not being used creating a short lock screen time is the best way to keep people out of your stuff. And this flash light trick works without needing to enter the passcode. If you wish to just turn the flashlight off after the screen is locked, this is the quickest way.

This 'is' the path to turn off flashlight 'but'.... the display with flashlight can be slid to the left displaying only music play options. When this happens which happened accidentally to me, then you can not find flashlight easily. Eventually I ---'slid the music display to the right', and the flashlight on off became available.

Maybe this a glitch in my older iPhone because music plays without prompting in my car play mode.

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