How To: Stop Accidentally Liking Photos & Videos in Instagram's iPhone App

Stop Accidentally Liking Photos & Videos in Instagram's iPhone App

Instagram is all about sharing and interacting with others, but sometimes we hide in the shadows and lurk. Whether their ex-lovers, current crushes, former high school classmates, or future coworkers, we silently view their content without them knowing. You can deny it all you want, but we've all lurked at one time or another.

One of the biggest risks associated with lurking is accidentally liking a picture. All it takes is a sudden jerk of the finger and bam, you've liked someone's picture that you didn't want to. Even if you unlike the picture, if the other person has push notifications, they'll see that you liked their picture regardless of what you do.

InstaConfirm, a Cydia tweak from developer Elias Sfeir, ensures that you never accidentally like someone's picture or video on Instagram ever again by making you actually confirm your "like." You just need to jailbreak iOS 8 on your iPad or iPhone first in order to install InstaConfirm.

Step 1: Install InstaConfirm & Reboot

In Cydia, search for InstaConfirm, then install the tweak, confirm it, and tap on "Restart SpringBoard" to reboot your device.

Step 2: Activate InstaConfirm & Reboot Again

When your device boots back up, go to Settings -> InstaConfirm and turn on the tweak. Reboot your device once again so that the tweak activates.

Step 3: Try Accidentally Liking Something Now

Now, whenever you double-tap on a picture or video in the official Instagram app on your iPad or iPhone, you will be prompted with a confirmation window asking if you're sure you want to like it.

Step 4: Bypass or Disable the Popup Window

If you get annoyed at the confirmation window popping up, you can either disable the tweak or just tap on the Like bar beneath the picture to like pics and videos you actually like. No popup will appear when you "like" this way.

For me, if I wasn't already jailbroken, this tweak would have been enough to convince me to jailbreak. What do you think about InstaConfirm?

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