How To: Silence Annoyingly Loud Emergency Alerts on iPhone Without Disabling Them Completely

Silence Annoyingly Loud Emergency Alerts on iPhone Without Disabling Them Completely

Emergency alerts are important for keeping us updated on extreme weather, natural disasters, and other important events. They're also super scary when you're not expecting them. These alerts are so loud and intrusive that it's tempting to disable emergency alerts altogether on your iPhone. Luckily, you don't need to do that to preserve your sanity.

The ability to mute emergency alerts on iPhone is a feature new to iOS 14.5, which was released April 26, so if you don't have that installed yet, make sure to update.

With your iPhone running iOS 14.5 or later, silencing emergency alerts is straightforward. Just head to Settings –> Notifications, then scroll all the way down. Tap on "Emergency Alerts," then disable the toggle next to "Always deliver." With that setting turned off, you'll still receive all emergency alerts, but they won't play a sound when your Volume/Ringer is silenced.

That last part is important since emergency alerts will still make noise if your ringer switch is turned on. If you never want to be spooked by an emergency alert again, you'll need to keep your iPhone on silent at all times. Unfortunately, none of this applies to Amber Alerts or public safety alerts, both of which will still sound when turned on. Just keep that in mind, so you don't assume your iPhone is completely alert-free.

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