How To: Send & Receive Apple Pay Cash via Messages in iOS 11

Send & Receive Apple Pay Cash via Messages in iOS 11

There are many ways to pay other people with your phone. Apps like Venmo and Square Cash let you easily send and receive money at any time, and have recently been updated to work with Siri. Snapchat and Facebook Messenger even let you send money, but now Apple wants in on the easy (transferring) money game. In iOS 11, Apple is bringing person-to-person payments directly in the Messages app.

Note: This is not a live feature yet as Apple had to delay it, so even if you installed iOS on your iPhone already, you won't be able to send or receive money yet in Messages. Once Apple officially implements their new Apple Pay Cash program later this fall, this is how it will work.

Step 1: Set Up Apple Pay

For this to work, you will need to set up Apple Pay. For those who already have a credit or debit card in place, you can skip this step. Otherwise, read on.

Setting up Apply Pay is extremely fast. Just head to Settings -> Wallet & Apple Pay -> Add Credit or Debit Card. Apple gives you the option to use your camera to enter card information, so you do not have to enter your 16-digit card number or your name and expiration date. Your iPhone will then ask for your three-digit security code on the back of your card.

If your card and bank are compatible with Apple Pay, your card should be all set. Note that you may need to contact your bank after setting up your card in Apple Pay. Your phone will tell you if this is a necessary step. Also not that if you like using passes on the lock screen, it's necessary to add payment card in order to use the double-click home button shortcut.

Step 2: Message a Friend

Once your card is set up, you can now send or request money. Apple Pay will show up as an option in the new iMessages app drawer at the bottom of the screen. To begin, tap that button and confirm the dollar amount with the on-screen controls. You will have the option to either request or send that amount of money to your correspondent.

Alternatively, if someone requests money from you, you can tap their dollar amount, and the on-screen controls will appear for you to approve or deny it.

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Step 3: Manage Your Money

When you receive money, your phone automatically stores it as a digital Apple Pay Cash card. This card allows you to send money to friends, spend money in-person or online, or transfer that money to your bank. This keeps your real card out of the equation, keeping you safe whether you shop in the real world or the digital one.

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