How To: Run All of Your iPhone 5 Apps in Full Screen Mode

Run All of Your iPhone 5 Apps in Full Screen Mode

If you've recently jailbroken your iPhone 5, there's a likely chance that you're overwhelmed by the huge numbers of themes, add-ons and tweaks littered throughout the Cydia directory.

The tweaks, of which there are over 1,000 in Cydia, resolve many issues and inconveniences that iPhone users such as myself face with the stock iOS that we're given. Once such issue that I have is the inability to have all my applications show up in full screen when in use.

Pesky status bar while running Spotify.

Sure, some people prefer having the status bar at the top of the iPhone to check the time and battery life, but some of us just want to optimize the entire 4-inch screen when using our apps.

Thanks to a Cydia app called Maximization, you can do just that. It can be found bundled up with the rest of your Cydia tweaks under Settings, just above the list of your App Store applications. From there, you can toggle which apps you want to enable Maximization for.

After selecting which applications you want to show up in full screen, test it out. I chose to full screen Instagram, which in my opinion looks much nicer.

Check out the video to see a review of the tweak, which was voted the best of 2012 by Apple Critics.

Search for Maximization in Cydia to download and try it for yourself.

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