How To: Request Desktop Sites in iOS 9's Safari for iPad & iPhone

Request Desktop Sites in iOS 9's Safari for iPad & iPhone

Having websites coded for mobile browsing is great for small screens, but if you have an iPad or iPhone 6 Plus you can probably enjoy the web version of sites without too much strain. Then there's the case of poorly designed mobile versions, where the desktop view is clearly the better option with more functionality and features.

While the process of requesting the desktop version of a mobile site wasn't necessarily difficult in iOS 8, it was annoying to do: tap in the URL bar, pull the page down, then tap on "Request Desktop Site." Well, it just got a whole lot more streamlined in iOS 9—and less annoying to do.

Start by pulling up a mobile website on Safari; I'll be using Wikipedia for this example. Once it's loaded, tap and hold the Refresh icon in the URL bar and you'll see the option to "Request Desktop Site" at the bottom.

To go back to the mobile version of the website, just repeat the process. However, instead of seeing something like "Request Mobile Site" you'll just see "Request Desktop Site" again. Tap on that and it should still take you back to the mobile version, regardless of what it says.

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