How To: Remove the Microphone Icon from the Keyboard on Your iPhone

Remove the Microphone Icon from the Keyboard on Your iPhone

There's a good chance you've never used the Dictation function on your iPhone's keyboard, or even knew that it existed for that matter. That small microphone icon in between the emoji key and the space bar is great if you use dictation, but otherwise, it just gets in the way when you're trying to quickly type.

If your fingers keep accidentally tapping the button, and you have no plans so start speaking your text any time soon, here's how to get rid of it for good... or at least until you toggle it back on.

Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard and at the bottom of the page, toggle off "Enable Dictation."

Once that's done, take a look at your keyboard. The Dictation key is gone, allowing for a slightly larger space bar and fewer accidents when typing.

(1) Before, (2) After

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This is what I have been looking for.. :) Yayyyyyyy.. :)

Sadly, this no longer works with iOS 10. Even with Siri disabled, and dictation disabled, the damn microphone key is still there. In fact, I just triggered it, when attempting to hit the 123 key to add a comma, while typing this message. If this workaround is no longer available, ( just hit it again #%^+!) would someone PLEASE create a clone of the standard English QWERTY keyboard, minus emoji and dictation keys, to allow us to touch type on our iPhones without expletives, and without having to remove Siri? Thanks!

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