How To: Make Siri Pronounce Names the Correct Way on Your iPhone Running iOS 7

Make Siri Pronounce Names the Correct Way on Your iPhone Running iOS 7

How to Make Siri Pronounce Names the Correct Way on Your iPhone Running iOS 7

If you're a Siri user, you know that one of the biggest issues that plague the personal assistant is pronunciation. One of my college roommates' names was Vithuran Arulmoli, so every time I tried to text him through Siri you can only guess how she thought his name was pronounced.

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Yeah, something like that.

So, it's only right that with this year's updated version of Siri in iOS 7, they've included a feature for the personal assistant to take initiative and ask for help when pronouncing a difficult name.

Siri's New Pronunciation Feature

The new Siri in iOS 7 detects when she has trouble responding to one of your commands, such as "Text Marielle," because even though it doesn't look like it, this particular Marielle is pronounced "Mary Lee." So instead of you having to mispronounce the name when giving commands, Siri can now learn how to properly enunciate the name.

How It Works

After two tries of not finding Marielle, Siri finally just prompted me with a Contacts button, which I could then tap and find Marielle myself. Once I was able to find the contact, I could send a text. Once the text (or any task) finishes, Siri asks a followup question:

After I replied Yes, Siri asks me to pronounce the name, which then prompts a new Pronounce screen with several options as to how to pronounce the name. If the options don't sound correct, you can tap on Tell Siri again.

From then on, you should have little trouble pronouncing the name the correct way and finding the right contact.

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