How To: Instantly Determine Which Jailbreak Tweaks Will Work on Your iPhone

Instantly Determine Which Jailbreak Tweaks Will Work on Your iPhone

Apple has done a fantastic job of instantly patching iOS exploits through constant firmware updates to keep hackers at bay. Because of this, jailbreaking has largely been pushed to the fringes, resulting in a myriad of tweaks being abandoned by developers which, in turn, have been rendered incompatible with later jailbroken versions of iOS.

In addition to this, with the emergence of more advanced devices like the AMOLED-equipped iPhone X and its successors, it's gotten a lot more confusing to sort through packages that will work for your specific iPhone model. Cydia doesn't have the native ability to instantly show if a package will work or not on your device.

Fortunately, tweaks can be found within Cydia to make browsing for other compatible tweaks less of a hassle. Compatimark, by CP Digital Darkroom, is one such tweak, as it places badges on compatible packages for easy detection. The tweak is free and pretty easy to install and enable, though you'll first need to install an external repo into Cydia to get your hands on it.

One example of a tweak that's cool but cannot be installed.

Step 1: Install the Repo

Compatimark isn't available in Cydia outright, so you'll first have to add a separate repo to get it. To do so, open Cydia and tap on the "Sources" tab. From there, tap on "Edit," followed by "Add." In the URL prompt, input, then tap "Add Source." Once the repository installs, tap "Return to Cydia."

Step 2: Install Compatimark

With the repo successfully installed, go to the "Search" tab, and type "compatimark" in the search bar. Select the tweak that appears, hit "Modify" in the top right, then "Install" on the prompt. Select "Confirm" on the confirmation page, then "Restart Springboard" once the tweak fully installs.

Step 3: Explore Cydia for Compatible Tweaks

Compatimark will automatically kick in once your iPhone resprings, leaving you free to immediately explore Cydia for new, exciting tweaks to install and try out.

When browsing Cydia for tweaks, you'll notice gold or blue badges containing check marks to the right of many packages, denoting their compatibility with your device. Blue badges mean tweaks that will work across multiple iOS versions, from iOS 9 to iOS 11. Gold badges, on the other hand, indicate tweaks that are compatible with specific versions of iOS, such as iOS 11 only.

It's worth noting that the badges work within Cydia everywhere; They not only appear in the "Changes" section but also while looking for packages inside individual repos inside the "Sources" tab. Most importantly, they appear alongside tweaks from within the active search and corresponding results pages.

Unfortunately, Compatimark is far from foolproof, as it doesn't automatically scan for all compatible apps across the board. Instead, the tweak relies on developers to input additional coding into their tweaks and packages to be detected and recognized. Because of this, you may still need to visit the "Details" page for some tweaks you want to try out to see if they'll work on your device.

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