How To: Google Just Introduced a Killer New Keyboard for iPhones

Google Just Introduced a Killer New Keyboard for iPhones

Google just made searching the web on your iPhone a whole lot easier with its new GBoard keyboard for iOS. It has a built-in Google icon so that you can search directly from whatever app you're in, making it a cinch to add images, GIFs, directions, videos, and more.

The video showed how you can use Gboard to easily direct your friend to a meatball joint, but you can also use the app to look up meatball-related videos, images, GIFs, and more.

You can also use Gboard to search for emojis on your phone (tap the emoji button first), so you can just type in "sign of the horns" instead of scrolling through the ever-expanding roster of emojis.

Gboard works on any app with a keyboard, so it works just as well for email, notes, and social media sites as it does for texting.

When you open up the Gboard app, you'll get some keyboard and search settings you can play with. To get more local results when searching for businesses, you can turn on location access (which needs to be turned off from your Settings app). You can also disable glide typing, emoji suggestions, and unblock offensive words (which I suggest you doing).

You can also clear your search history in the keyboard.

I gotta say, as an Android user, I'm pretty jealous right now. Bri Connelly, part of the Gboard team, said they're working on bringing it to Android, so it's only a matter of time.

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Been using this keyboard all week and love it. So much better than the stock keyboard. Only thing I find irritating is autocorrect won't automatically work for the last word in a message; you have to select the word to change it before hitting send, unlike on the Apple keyboard.

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