How To: Create Collaborative Reminders on Your iPhone or iPad

Create Collaborative Reminders on Your iPhone or iPad

Reminding a spouse or roommate to pick up some last-minute groceries is typically done with a quick message that can easily go unnoticed or unseen. Your feeble attempt of a reminder won't work unless it's conveniently sent at the right moment, like when they're on their way home. Chances are, you'll forget to text them and they'll forget the earlier reminder you sent.

You could ask them to set their own reminder through the stock Reminders app, but who knows if they'll actually do it? Today I'm going to show you how to create a timed or location-based reminder yourself that you can easily share so that everyone gets the reminder right when you need them to.

Toggle on Reminders in iCloud

Aside from needing iOS 8 on your device, you'll need to navigate to Settings -> iCloud and toggle on Reminders. Once on, you'll be able share your reminders with other iPhone or iCloud users.

Create a Shared Reminder

Now when you open a new or existing reminder, tap Edit to see the newly available Sharing option. Select it and invite people to join your reminder. Only users with iCloud accounts will be able to share reminders, but feel free to add as many people as you need.

Once you've invited someone, make sure they check their email and accept the invitation. With all parties active in the reminder, everyone can create and edit them on-the-fly.

Add the Widget

Go ahead and add the widget for Reminders, then view and even mark them complete from within the Notification Center's Today view.

With a collaborative reminder, you can make sure that people get reminders at the right time or place, instead of relying on them to remember or set one themselves. It's a simple feature on iOS 8 that few may know about, or even utilize. Try it out and let us know how easy it's made your life in the comment section below as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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