How To: Change the Boring Battery Icon in Your iPhone's Status Bar to Something More Flavorful

Change the Boring Battery Icon in Your iPhone's Status Bar to Something More Flavorful

Good battery life is one of the most important things any phone or tablet should have, but iOS 7 isn't always that great at handling power consumption. That leads to tunnel vision on the status bar's battery meter. After all, you don't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with no juice left to make a call.

So, if you're staring at the iPhone's battery icon in the status bar too much, why not make it a bit more interesting? In this softModder guide, I'll be showing you a quick and easy way to give your iPhone's battery icon a little more flavor. This is a jailbreak-only mod, so make sure you have a jailbroken iOS 7 device before continuing.

Hop into Cydia, then search for and install Alkaline, a free app from magn2o.

After installation you can access the two default themes, Bolus and Habesha, from the Settings. Go to the default Settings app on your device and scroll down to the section that contains your jailbroken apps. Alkaline should be listed near the top (they're in alphabetical order).

Once inside Alkaline, the Theme tab is where all of your Alkaline battery themes will be added.

Now just select the theme you want from the list and Respring. Unfortunately, you'll need to Respring every time you change your current theme, but it's a small price to pay for a powerful new look.

You can find additional Alkaline battery themes in Cydia by searching for "Alkaline themes." Here are a few of my favorites:

From top to bottom: Semi Circular Color, Habesha, and Vertical iOS7 Battery

That's it! Quick, easy, and powerful, this tweak will keep your device looking fresh. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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